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pod high chair


Best Baby Gear Mumii Award - Silver 2014

SILVER! Best travel high chair

Our pod portable high chair was awarded silver in the Best Travel High Chair category of the Mumii Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, 2014!

"The biggest plus side of this portable highchair is that it only weighs 2.2lbs and folds nicely into a compact flat carry tote that can be tossed in your stroller basket, placed in a large diaper bag or carried using the provided handles. Once removed from the tote the only set-up needed is securing it to a table using the screw on clamps. It’s incredibly sturdy in its build and I have no concerns what so ever when my toddler is in it provided it’s attached to an appropriate surface. The frame is made of solid aluminum and the clamps are covered in thick non-slip rubber so the chair will not move once in place."

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SILVER! Best travel high chair 

Our pod portable high chair was awarded silver in the Best Travel High Chair Awards by Nursery Trader, 2013!

"It is a very robust and sturdy construction as you would expect from Mountain Buggy - and is built to last. It is very easy to fold and you can do so in a jiffy - and is attached to the table by solid aluminium clamps. It's a strong piece of kit that does everything that you expect it would, allowing your little one to eat at the table with you where ever you are."

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"The Mountain Buggy pod is a portable highchair that not only has the looks but is also fitted with lots of clever features just like you’d expect from a Mountain Buggy product. The innovative design of the pod highchair is perfect for busy parents on the go who don’t want to lug around a bulky highchair. Simply click the pod onto table tops and benches to create an instant child seat, whether you are inside or outside."

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" As Mountain Buggy products tend to be, this is a well thought-out, robust product.It comes with a little travel bag which is really useful for popping bibs / wipes etc into (as well as the pod, of course!). Great for leaving it in the car with a spare bib and a couple of wipes… all ready to roll!..."

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"It’s about relevance; it’s about convenience; it’s about offering a choice – a choice of a practical product that bears all the hallmarks of the Mountain Buggy brand. pod is a great and hygienic product that is designed for eating out – ready to use at your convenience."

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"There is something about smart, innovative and easy to use children’s products that win me over instantly. If it makes life easier, a job quicker or a task more simple my ears are pricked, and the new Mountain Buggy pod certainly had me interested when I heard about it."

Written by: Divine Finds

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