Daddy and daughter coaching team

Daddy and daughter coaching team

Owner of Chase Conditioning and coach at Cross Fit Babes. 

Clayton Schulz, father of one 

Gold Coast, Australia 


My wife (Revie Jane, MB active ambassador) and I live an active lifestyle, and have dogs that love to be walked. It was important we found a comfortable way to take our daughter Lexington on our active adventures.

The juno is great because I can walk the dogs and keep control whilst my daughter sleeps or looks around at the world. I also coach my members whilst wearing the juno and our little girl loves feeling a part of the coaching team and watching our members workout. All the while my shoulders and lower back are completely supported.

We tried a few baby carrying options before we came across the Mountain Buggy juno . I found the juno the best as it is a nice soft material meaning I wasn't getting chaff marks under my arms from the straps. And I can imagine, if it's softer on me, it's softer on Lexington. 

It can be easily adjusted so my wife and I can both use it. It has a few pockets for your phone, wallet or a fresh nappy (you never know when you need that emergency nappy!). 

The best thing about the juno is I get to have my daughter nice and close to me.


Revie Jane juno2


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