End of MOLO, Beginning of a new YOU…

By: Maria Gorosito, Baby Boot Camp & Karna Fitness, Katy, Texas

End of MOLO, Beginning of a new YOU…

And just like that 12 weeks of MOLO have come to an end! First I was feeling sad that it is all over and then, I start to freak out! Now what am I going to do that the daily fitness and nutrition challenges are over? I tell myself, “don’t freak out”, “don’t freak out”!  Why shouldn’t I? Well, let me tell you why…because….

WE can do anything!

These past 12 weeks have proved to me and my fellow moms that we are a force to be reckoned with! The women all around me have lost inches and pounds! They have stopped drinking sodas, or at least have drastically reduced the amount they consume!  They have taken new challenges upon themselves, aside from MOLO, such as adding a running route before or after their normal Baby Boot Camp class. These women have started eating things such as (gasp!) quinoa and kale! And they love it!

For some, working out has now become a routine, a normal and healthy part of their lives. One mom increased her workouts from 2 to 4 times per week.  Another mom HATED exercise and now not only loves it, but her young sons are planking like the best of them!  Other moms could barely do a push up on their toes…now they are knocking them out effortlessly!

During the MOLO Challenge, several moms trained for and completed their first half marathon race!  Their dedication inspired other MOLO moms to register for their first 5K training and they will start running in just over a week.  It’s this sense of community and support from one mom to another that builds healthy families and happy, strong, confident women…in whatever stage of motherhood they may be in.

The best part about it is that all of these changes have transcended beyond the moms and have reached their husbands and even other family members.  We know have dads that would not get off the couch going out for walks and eventually jogs with their wives and kids!  What an amazing example that is for our children!  I love that so many dads are following in their wives’ footsteps and are embracing exercise and healthy eating!  It really is incredible to see how 12 short weeks have impacted to so many lives.

So I’m not going to be sad and I’m not going to freak out because MOLO has given me the tools and mindset to accomplish anything! Until MOLO 2014!  In the meantime, I am ready to take on the next challenge, whatever that may be….I’m thinking triathlon maybe…how about you?

Maria Gorosito is the owner of Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness in Katy, TX. She is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. When not training for marathons or 5K’s in the dark, she’s busy raising three energetic little boys! Her favorite exercise move for all of her Baby Boot Camp stroller fitness clients is by far the fantastic and super-efficient burpee!