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Mount the buggy cup holder onto the cup holder lug, close to your buggy handle on the left hand side.

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If you own an earlier model buggy that does not have this cup holder lug, you will need to also order the cup holder lug & handle screws kit   or cup holder lug and handle screws kit for duo & double urban to adapt your frame to accommodate this style cup holder. Alternatively, the   bottle holder is a universal fit to any Mountain Buggy stroller.

Disappointing quality


I bought this about 2 weeks ago and already it is broken. The plastic loop that holds it onto the buggy has snapped. For £10 I would expect much better quality.

Works on the Nano


I purchased this for my Mountain Buggy Nano. It slides perfectly on the knob built into the left side below the handle; the installation couldn't be simpler. However, a couple of times the cup holder has knocked off again as I've folded up the stroller. Mostly just a minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning. Overall, I'm quite happy that there is somewhere to put my coffee mug! :-)

Does the job


I bought this to go on my urban jungle, it's not bad but falls off when you fold the stroller up, and coffee spills out when you go over a bump. It's ok for walking around the shopping centre.

Functions brilliantly if your buggy doesn't move


Too shallow to hold anything except a tea cup. Very wide mouth with nothing to grip the item to supposedly be held in it. Cups and bottles jostle and fall out once in motion. After a short period, this has been disconnected from our stroller and replaced with another from elsewhere. Incredibly poor design, surprising coming from this co.

Don't waste your money


This arrived last week and I am really disappointed. It swings around and doesn't fasten securely to the pram, I definitely can't put my coffee in it. I read someone else's review before I bought this and it said the same thing. I should have listened. Annoying.

Last resort cup holder


I was so happy to find a cup holder till I used it. Every bump spills my coffee, and it isn't stable, it moves side to side because it's not fixed on.
Also I hit everything with it because it is attached to the side, walking through a clothes store the clothes caught on it turning it sideways and spilt my drink on the clothing



Attached to the pram put coffee cup in it and coffee everywhere once I started walking down the street.

A bit useless


Unless you are stationary or pushing the pram extremely slowly on a completely flat and smooth surface you might as well hold the coffee cup in your hand. A plastic keep cup with a sealed lid helps a bit.

bad and dangerous


I put my coffee in it and coffee goes everywhere!bad design! The need to look at putting long plastic bits inside like the bugaboo one! Im so dissapointed as i walk alot!

Don't expect any coffee left in your cup!


I was initially excited to purchase this. "Yay", I thought, "I can have a coffee AND walk my baby". Turns out I was terribly, terribly wrong. The only way I can ensure there is any coffee left in my take away cup is, in fact, not to walk at all. Every little bump moves the holder, and ensures your drink of choice spills -down the side, on the pavement, on the stroller, everywhere. Save your money and buy a couple of coffees instead (you'll end up with more to drink anyway if you just hold them). Another poor design Mountain Buggy, another reason why I regret my purchase of this brand.


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