side saddles - storage bags

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stand out features:

  • attaches securely with velcro to the stroller frame
  • inner pouch with clip over top flap for additional security
  • includes 2x storage bags (more stand out features below)

Not currently available in this region.


Additional storage for all that extra baby gear!

more stand out features:

  • frame mounted
  • compatible with the following Mountain Buggy strollers:
    • MB mini
    • swift
    • duet
    • duo
    • urban jungle

Great concept.


Using these on my Swift. Once you fiddle around getting them on (have to unsnap the seat fabric to attach them in the right place) these are great. We took ours to the shop and loaded them right up with oranges to make marmalade the other day, and they made it safely home. A better system for attaching them to the stroller would be helpful - clips, snaps instead of Velcro or even just longer Velcro would improve them, and perhaps attachment points for a shoulder strap.
Still a very handy thing if your stroller is your main vehicle.

Really disappointed with these bags


Unlike the other Mountain Buggy products I've purchased, these are not at all well designed. There is barely enough velcro to go around the frame poles of the pram (unlike, for example the bottle holder). When fully loaded the bags rub against the pram wheels. Suitable only for light items otherwise the bags fall off. Mountain Buggy should at the very least publish maximum load capacity of the bags on the website, or make it clear these are for very light items so that other customers are not disappointed.

Could be better


I wanted to love them, and I did at first, but there are a few issues:
1) There is not a great place to attach on the UJ frame. They slide down and push the fabric of the seat down, putting stress on the seat fabric. It is very tricky to try to wiggle the straps in between the canopy and frame, and it never stays when I try, so the only place to put it is mid range which slides low.
2) The velcro is not industrial strength, or at least not super strong. It will hold a lot of light stuff, but a couple damp (not soaked) towels, and it's on the ground. It will hold a half gallon of milk but not a whole gallon or even a half and a few other light things. I was hoping to use them grocery shopping but I can't have my items tumbling to the ground
3) There is a small handle at the top, but it's not convenient for carrying inside the house (especially with a toddler, diaper bag, and everything else in tow). I'd love to see a shoulder strap or something

handy for this pram


These are excellent bags and surprisingly roomy. One of mine has the valcro on the wrong side so keeps falling off which is annoying. They are very sturdy and handy for shopping

Great bags!!


I bought these bags as I was dependant on walking to the shops when my boy was born. These bags will hold at least 4 cartons of milk each! They don't look that big on the site, but they are quite big so fit a lot of groceries (or shopping :-)). They are a little fidgety to attach to the frame, but once they are on I have never had them come loose. They are not cheap but definitely worth the money!


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