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Urban active, inline - two peas in a pod! Introducing a whole new inline system that changes the way buggies can take two... inline!


"I absolutely LOVE the +one! It is the perfect buggy for 2! My little ones love cruising around town and off-road in the +one. Compact enough for everyday use and durable enough for the trails. Mountain Buggy has created the perfect double buggy for my family!" - Kelly, +one owner

Not currently available in this region.

7 modes for greater flexibility as a single or double inline stroller!

1 Child: lie flat newborn in cocoon, lie flat newborn in carrycot, travel system compatible, one toddler, one toddler + storage

2 children: toddler + newborn lying flat in cocoon, toddler + toddler 

The +one is sold as a complete package with buggy (which includes the bumper bar), cocoon, bottle holder and the second seat.


stand out features:

  • seat load - 20kg / 44lb per seat
  • weight - 13.5kg / 29.5lb
  • width - 63cm / 25in
  • stand fold (without wheels): height - 109cm / 43in, depth - 39cm / 15.5in
  • main seat height (length of back) measures 55cm / 22"
  • two individual seats when set up for two passengers (length of backs) measure 47cm / 19"
  • LARGE follow the sun canopy with flick out sun visor. Includes full height adjustment and zip mesh extensions for extra head height
  • rear wheel suspension
  • quick twist and slide seat harness adjustment
  • 2-mode front wheel
  • multi adjust handle height
  • compact fold with quick release wheels
  • compatible with  +one carrycot
  • compatible with car seats using +one car seat adaptors

Wish I had bought the +one earlier


The +one is an excellent stroller. It is sturdy and rugged but stylish too. I love the rain and storm covers. We used to have a Baby Jogger City Select but the sun and storm covers would come loose in the wind all the time (we live in Wellington NZ - the windy city). The Mountain Buggy covers are easy to put on and stay exactly where you put them no matter what the weather. The +one can go anywhere and is so easy to maneuver. Despite being a fairly heavy stroller I don't find it awkward to lift into our car. And if I pop the back wheels off then it fits just fine in our boot. I think this stroller is very reasonably priced too considering the quality and versatility of the stroller. This is an exceptional stroller that makes me proud to be a New Zealander! :)

Mountain Buggy +ONE vs Phil and Teds Sport (oldish model)


Ok, so le me start by saying that as a mother of three boys, I've been able to try my good share of strollers (PegPerego, Combi, Joovy, Bugaboo, Micralite, etc.), but I'm only going to write about the Phil and Teds Sport and my spanking new and awesome Mountain Buggy +One. I would definitely put both strollers in the same category as far as being rugged and serving the same purpose (eg being able to convert from a single to a double, inline style). I bought my PT back in 2009 (November to be exact) when expecting another baby and that same stroller has been used and a little bit abused on a daily basis by two very active boys. HOWEVER, I do not think that I got my money's worth: it only lasted all of 2010 and six months of this current 2011. IMO, not enough when you are talking about a supposedly RUGGED stroller that costs over $500. What happened to it? Well, the materials used by PT are cheap, granted, they DO look good! The sun canopy is a joke, the storage is NON-existent when you have a second child sitting inside of it (duh!), the foam handlebar rips as soon as you start using it (careful as you may be), and the tires are TERRIBLE! Just like about EVERYONE who owns a PT, our inner tubes bursted and that was that. Replacements are SOOOO expensive, that by ordering them you are half way there to getting a new stroller! So, all in all, I did like my PT while it lasted.... it didn't pass the test of time or use, and it looks like a 5-6 yr old stroller (was NEVER used for jogging/running). It looks good, but it does tip when a child jumps in the back seat and there's no child in front. Yeah, I know that it's the law of physics, but it is almost impossible to keep a 2 yr. from doing that! Moving on... Mountain Buggy +One!!!~ What a good looking stroller this is! It took my hubby and I all of five minutes to put it together and voila! Steers with a finger PLUS it looks and feels EXPENSIVE. Materials used are soooo much nicer (although both companies are owned by PT now), and we love the idea of being able to have both kids higher up, able to look forward and not facing the back of a seat. Now that we are having another baby, we LOVE the bassinet that is INCLUDED. The canopy is HUGE and the storage basket is always usable, as the second child does not interfere much (if at all) with it. Love that the handle is made of strong rubber and not foam and the tires seem much more durable so far. Oh, it also includes a water bottle holder.... PT includes none! And the child seats much more upright in the MB, which I like! So, the stroller is slightly bulkier, but something's gotta give! You get a MUCH MUCH better stroller for the value and it turns even more heads that the PT! When I'm out and about with my new MB, I feel like I'm driving a STRONG, RUGGED stroller... and not my flimsy, Made-in-China-like PT! :) Mind you, I think both are made in China! ha Well, I hope this helps with your decision-making! Feel free to ask any questions and enjoy the tedious and time-consumming experience of stroller-shopping! I know I spend HOURS doing so... but I secretly enjoy it! Good luck!!!

Perfect purchase


I bought the mountain buggy +one after I had my twins, and I couldn't be more pleased! I have taken this stroller everywhere and it has handled every situation with ease. I get compliments everywhere I go. I have an older child who can also ride on the attachable scooter, too. I just love it!

Good stroller but not right for us


I bought this stroller with the intention that it would be our only one-would convert to a double, could use as a bassinet and could jog with it. I have since bought a snap and go, an Uppababy Vista(LOVE IT, I should have bought this in the first place!!), and a used dedicated jogging stroller that lives in our garage with a fixed front wheel and is only 16 lbs. Here are the pluses: -Good sunshade -Great handle material and height adjustment -Well built -Great customer service-The brake got stuck and they sent me a new frame Here is why it is not for us: NOTE: I have used this for about 4-6 miles of walking or running daily for 7 months so I have had some time to think -It is heavy both in use as a single-I think it has to do with the weight distribution over the front wheel once the baby sits in the seat, I didn't have this problem when she was in the bassinet. We have a lot of hills and pushing this up steep hills is brutal in comparison with other singles. -It is tippy going up and down curbs-also think this is an issue just as a single -The front wheel is very squirrely-even when fixed I am constantly adjusting it when walking. Maybe mine pulls but unless you are on flat paved trails you CONSTANTLY are adjusting it -It is NOT a jogging stroller-This is my fault entirely that I thought I could use it for light running. It is all over the place. Plus it is tippy and heavy. They do not advertise it as so and this is entirely my mistake. -The sunshade is good but does have a gap. They sell and additional sunshade but for $600+ you would think it wouldn't be necessary. -It is too bulky and heavy to take places in my opinion. Yes I use the Vista which is about 25 pounds but I find it much easier to maneuver in and out of the car. For our lifestyle I should have bought the vista and a dedicated jogger. I love the Mountain buggy company and their service but this stroller wasn't right for us. The bottom line-it does everything ok but nothing spectacularly well. Not for us but unfortunately I cannot imagine I will be able to sell it locally. If I could give it 3 1/2 stars I would. In retrospect I should have bought the Terrain because I love the company.

Best Double Stroller


The Mountain Buggy plus one stroller is well made with quality craftsmanship, it is lightweight for easy maneuvering and lifting in and out of our vehicle, and overall has made my life easier with two boys under the age of 3! I chose this stroller because of the inline style and overall comfort for both kids. The stroller is small enough to fit thru normal doorways, fits into our sedan style car trunk when collapsed. I really like the ability to use as a jogging stroller with the locking wheel feature. Both boys find the stroller to be comfortable and enjoy riding in it. The only complaint I have is when the kids fall asleep there is no where for their little heads to rest. My youngest doesn't fit laying down in the bassinet part anymore and so his head bobs around if he's sleeping. To solve this I keep a blanket with me and prop his head up. It'd be helpful if the seats reclined some how.

love it


I love taking my girlie for a walk and in a few months will be using it for 2! I laugh when I see my friends regular strollers jiggle and wobble on out walking paths because ours is so smooth. It takes up same space in the vehicle and in malls. It is the only stroller we use and I have 2 others! Worth every penny!

Great Double Stroller but Cocoon Needs Improvements


We had the Mountain Buggy single, so we were thrilled to get this one as a double stroller, since we were expecting a second child. We loved that we were able to use it as a single stroller when we had only one child. Now that we have an infant and a preschooler and use it as a double, we have a couple issues with it. First, we've had trouble with the sun canopy staying attached to the stroller. Second, our biggest complaint is the cocoon. There are no harness or seat belts to secure the baby. Our baby was bounced around in it, and she didn't look comfortable. More importantly, it didn't seem safe. I put a head rest in it and rolled up blankets around her to keep her snug. Once our baby is old enough to sit in the second seat, we will like the stroller much better. We are just very unhappy with the cocoon, which we thought would be great! I take my two kids and my big 75 lb dog for a 2 mile walk every day, and it is a great stroller for two kids and a dog attached on multiple terrains!

Versatile and sturdy


Although we just had our first child, we opted to get the +one so we can just invest in one stroller. (We hope to have another child in the next few years.) We decided that the +one can be a stroller with extra storage until child number two arrives. Folding up this stroller is easy, though it is fairly heavy and unwieldy to put in the car. I figure that is a necessary trade-off for having such a sturdy stroller, though, and find it fits just fine in the trunk of our Honda Civic. The stroller has been great in town and on the trail, when I can find a trail wide enough for the stroller. I did learn that single-track trails are just too narrow and I just can't get the stroller through, even a sturdy stroller like this one. Our only complaints: my son is an infant, and while we love the cocoon in general, it would be nice to have breathable mesh sections in the sides for more air flow and some option to prop up the sides of the cocoon to make sure they don't fall in. There are hooks in the stroller, but the walls still fold in a bit and it would be nice to be able to use the cocoon outside the stroller. It would also be nice if the stroller came with a cup holder in addition to the water bottle holder. I've found the water bottle holder too narrow to hold my water bottle (it appears designed for a single use water bottle, not a stainless steel reusable bottle). We took this stroller to our local bluegrass festival and found that its capacity was so great, we opted to carry the baby and then put our day's worth of gear in the stroller while we walked from the car to the festival. Once we unpacked inside the festival, it converted to be a baby-carrier again. Quite functional :)

Worth every penny


Love the fact that this can be used as a single and double jogging stroller AND that the 2nd seat child has same view as front seat child. Also love that this stroller came with the carrier for baby/infant AND the 2nd seat, unlike the Phil and Teds where you have to purchase the 2nd seat and baby carriers seperately! This has been a great stroller for jogging with both my kids. They love riding in the stroller and have fallen asleep many times on runs (especially 4+ miles). Easy to manuever!

Worth every penny!


Mountain Buggy's are the best strollers. The Plus One is our second and we could not be happier. With four kids under six our strollers get a lot of use. It is so easy to convert to use for one or two kiddos and back. The back seat is so great for a younger child, the enclosed bottom keeps all the toys on the stroller. It would be easier to see all those dropped toys if the second seat was a lighter fabric color but that would just be a bonus. It is so easy to steer, the canapoy is huge. I can't say enough good things about it. I wish they had made it years ago.

LOVE this buggy!


I absolutely LOVE the +one! It is the perfect buggy for 2! My little ones love cruising around town and off-road in the +one. Compact enough for everyday use and durable enough for the trails. Mountain Buggy has created the perfect double buggy for my family!


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