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The Dutch Way

If you visit The Netherlands, the first thing you will notice is the huge amount of bikes on the street. In fact, there are 18 million bikes in The Netherlands. With a population of approximately 16.5 million this is more than one per head of the population!! Our family definitely contributes to that average, as we own 4 bikes. Two are for the daily life, one is for our visitors and the other one is for going on a bike trip. 

Making authentic customer connections

Here at Mountain Buggy, we're all about making strong customer connections around the world. Collecting valuable feedback from people that matter - we listen, we develop, we deliver. We value our customers and know you are our most powerful voice, where we learn honest feedback to further develop products that are relevant to today's parents.

An ode to the cosmopolitan by a second time mum

When baby #2 was on her way I decided that it was a good excuse to get another buggy. This time round I wanted something that was a little more special. Having pushed a buggy before I knew what I wanted in terms of functionality. It had to pop over kerbs easily, manoeuvre with one hand, be simple and quick to fold and be tough enough to handle a trip to the park but also suitable for a trip to the mall. Baby #1 (well not a baby anymore) was past the buggy stage so the ability to take more than one wasn't on the list. Although being able to attach a scooter for him to ride along when his legs got tired was. 

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