pre-2010 urban & elite parts

  • urban jungle coloured sunhood-black

    urban jungle coloured sunhood

  • urban gear tray-black

    urban jungle gear tray

  • MB1-PIT12__

    pre-2010 12" inner tube

  • Inner tube set for Mountain buggy stroller wheels

    12 inch inner tube set

    includes 2 inner tubes
  • Mountain Buggy external tyre set for stroller wheels

    12 inch tyre set

    includes 2x external tyres
  • Last chance! MB-PQRMR__

    quick release sleeve

  • Last chance! urban jungle/+one handle-black with grip

    urban jungle and +one handle

  • Last chance! mountain buggy MB mini lightweight urban strollerclose up of handle adjustment joint

    handle adjustment joint

  • 2x brake wire lever covers-red

    2x brake wire lever covers

  • MB1-PFRLOK__

    frame lock strap