A New Zealand Road Trip with Nano - Part 2

Three weeks, 3000kms, two adults, two pre-schoolers, one camper van, a nano travel stroller....and the mission? To explore the east coast of New Zealand, living life without limit. Check out what we got up to on the first part of our holiday here . Read on to find out how we put our nano through its paces...

Day 6 & 7 - Hanmer Springs


We arrived in Hanmer springs to a pretty wet day. It was that awesome misty kind of rain that refused to let up for the next two days. Not one to be put off by a little bad weather, we went to the thermal pools (well we were already pretty wet) and then explored the local shops. After our daughter had spent an hour or so in her nano, she really wanted to walk so off came the storm cover, out came the child and on went the waterproofs. She immediately walked around the nano and announced 'my turn' before setting off back to the camper herself. The convenient carry handle turned out to be ultra-convenient for solo toddler pushing too! 

That night, still in the rain I embarked on the nightly walk to get her to sleep. I aimed for a gravel track that ran around the back on the camp site. The gravel was no problem for the nano but then I faced a hurdle, a cattle grid. Well I knew my urban jungle could make it so off I set with my nano. Unfortunately the small front wheels just couldn't make it - but what stroller could handle that kind of test?!




Day 7 - 9 - Kaikoura

The rain followed us from Hanmer Springs to Kaikoura where we spent another couple of days in damp clothing. Again, we weren't going to let the weather ruin our annual vacation so off we headed, from the camp site to the aquarium - a 5km walk along the Esplanade. As usual our daughter was in and out of the nano, we walked on footpaths, the road, grass verges and even on the beach to keep us all moving and entertained. The hour walk probably took us nearer two due to snack stops, photo opportunities and inspecting everything and anything on route but it didn't matter - after all we were on holiday.

Day 10 - Akaroa

As we continued our journey south, thankfully the clouds began to part and we started to see the sun again. What a relief after four days of constant rain and drizzle. We headed for a camping spot near the water (although not too close) and decided to spend the day re-organising the van, lazing around and letting the kids just play outside. For Christmas, Santa had given our daughter a Cabbage Patch Doll which had quickly become a much-loved toy. After confining her to quarters for the duration of the rain, our daughter was now allowed to play outside with her. Can you guess what the first game was? Taking dolly on a trip in the nano. After several hours of pushing the doll about, both by my daughter and son, my son decided that it was his turn in the nano. 

At almost five years old and rather big for his age, I was a little worried as he climbed inside that the nano wasn't going to be up for the challange. But moments later, our daughter was pushing (albeit very slowly) by son around the camp site too.

nano akaroa collage

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