Going Buggy in the Mountains

So, 9 months ago we received our Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle and we've been using it a lot ever since. My daughter, my wife and me live in Bergen (pop: 250,000) in western Norway. We live close to the city center and often use public transport (bus, light rail) to get into town. You all know that this stroller is fantastic in the city, but what about the real off roads?

One cold sunny day 2 weeks ago I packed the Buggy and went into the mountains with my 11 month old daughter. I've been walking this particular route many times, so I knew where to go and which areas to avoid during the trip. I dressed her up warm and also brought lots of food and the rain cover if the weather should change, which it does a lot up here (Bergen is the city with the most rain in Northern Europe!).

urban jungle bergen1

The walk starts off on a 3km hard-packed gravel road, no problem for the Buggy of course. The last 1,5km of this part of the track ascent to 380 meters above sea level, so I got the sweat worked up alright. I adjusted the handle bar down a bit, which made the Buggy easier to push in the steep terrain.

urban jungle bergen2

Almost there... but then I got to the final stretch towards the top. The snow was heavier up here than I expected and was only hard-packed into a single-track! The Buggy wheels are too wide to fit in the trail, so I locked the front wheel and moved on driving upwards towards the top with both rear-wheels plowing through the 20-30cm snow on the sides of the track. Heavy stuff? Oh yes indeed. It felt like pushing a Volswagen Beatle with the handbrake pulled!!! Luckily I was cheered up by people who passed by, most Norwegians are really good at this, they cherish the hard walks. 

urban jungle bergen3

The terrain gets steeper and steeper the closer you get to the top. Now the trail changed into something very uneven and there were many "foot-holes" from people walking down from the top, putting all their weight on their heels as they step down hard. It was tough now, 9 outta 10 on the workout-scale and my internal meters were in the red-zone. Approximately 300 meters from the top it just got too hard to plough the Buggy through the steep snowy trail. I was not going to turn back, so I figured I could just carry the rear part of the Buggy and use it almost as a wheelbarrow. It worked and I also lowered the handlebar so that it would rest against the inside of my elbow joints, which took off the weight from my wrists.

urban jungle bergen4

Finally, we got to the top of mount "Rundemanen", 543 meters above the sea, with a clear blue sky and no wind at all. My daugther was hungry and we ate some food while enjoying the view to the sea, the coast line and the surrounding mountains. Excellent, worth every minute and every drop of sweat. My daughter made it, I made it, the Buggy made it. 

urban jungle bergen5

The way down was easier, the single-track becomes a wide road, which is used for vehicles doing maintenance on the antenna located on the top. Many people had walked there so the snow was packed. And yes, I wore spikes under my shoes, otherwise I would never have made it to the top and safely down again.

urban jungle bergen6

The rest of the trip was easy and both my daughter and I made it home. It had been a nice round-trip stretching out across approx. 10km with elevation from sea level to 543meters and back down again. Good workout!  

urban jungle bergen7

Thanks so much to Peter for sharing his story with us. If you've got an incredible buggy story you'd like to share, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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