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Karen Zamperini - USAMama Seoul

Originally based in Seoul Korea with husband and two energetic kids, Karen and her family are now back in Philadelphia USA, making a fresh new start for 2012! Being a busy mum, travelling across the globe and recently becoming a trained Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, Karen shares her experiences and adventures as a seasoned Mountain Buggy lover, getting active with the urban elite double, terrain, swift and freerider!

Mountain Buggy swift

Winter Walks

Through rain and snow and bitter cold, my friend and I have done our twice weekly stroller walks for several months, almost without fail. There is a paved trail near my house and when you do the roundtrip, it is about 5 miles. I like that the trail has mile markers so I know how far we've gone, although I rarely look at them because my workout partner and I are solving the problems of the world instead. Activity and adult conversation, talk about time well spent for stay-at-home parents! We both have older kids in school so we meet after school drop off for our walks. How much easier it is to stay consistent when you have a workout partner depending on you! I know I would have bailed on those rainy days if it weren't for her!



My other workout partners are my dog, Roxxy, and my baby, Lila. Somehow Roxxy knows when it is a walking day and she shakes with excitement from when we wake up until we hit the trail. I am able to push the stroller and walk the dog simultaneously, very easily. Lila almost always takes her morning nap in the terrain . I use the rain cover to keep the wind and rain off of her and she just sleeps and enjoys the ride. We are hoping to work up to running, but for now we are just happy to be walking.

It feels great to move, especially in winter. What is great is that once you build it into your routine, it is easier to branch out and try other things. I just took a Pilates class yesterday and got in touch with my abs for the first time in 2 years. I did Pilates years ago and loved it, but time flies when you are having babies and it has been a while!

How are you staying active this winter?

Test Driving Parenthood

Lila took her first plane ride last week from one side of Pennsylvania to the other. Much shorter than her siblings first plane trips which were to Egypt and Korea and no passport required. She, like her sister was awake the whole ride (both ways), but was pretty happy for the flight. No troubles with her ears and we had empty seats next to us as well. The reason for the flight, was to help my friend, Heather, get ready for birth.


Back to Active

How has it been 6 months since Lila was born? I don't know. How have I avoided regular exercise (chasing kids does not count)? Well, it seems to be my pattern to be lost in baby land and wake up 6 months later. I have lost all the baby weight. Thank you, fast metabolism + breastfeeding. However, breastfeeding may help with the fat, but not the flab. So, I have decided that it is time to get active again.

Walking in the rain

The school year is wrapping up and we had our pre-school field trip to the zoo this week. It was rainy (of course), but not enough to cancel. I tried to scrounge up umbrellas for all of us, but could only find two. I told Ian and Eva they would have to share and hoped it wouldn't pour.

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