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Green crusader : making a difference


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Tabatha Harris - USAGreen Crusader

Our eco-mum, Tabatha is inspiring all with her active campaign "Stop Talking, Start Walking!" in Hermosa Beach, California where she enrolls her community to live life without limit one step at a time. Armed with her Mountain Buggy duo and two gorgeous girls Tabatha encourages families to walk more, connect with their environment, and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Tune in for valuable green/health tips along the way!

Mountain Buggy duo

MB does the nursery / pet shop

Summer would not be complete without our visits to our local nursery and pet store! Beach properties in Hermosa Beach don't often afford you the luxury of gardens or grass for that matter, but we got lucky with a little patch of grass in front of our house and just enough room to plant flowers. 

Summer on the Strand

Hermosa Beach is always such a fun place to be in the summer! You can't beat those surfer dudes waiting to catch that perfect wave (my husband included), our neighbours in other cities leaving the hot weather inland to enjoy a cool, breezy beach day, the oversea tourists stopping by after they have seen Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive to see what all the fuss is about, and the locals walking along the strand with their children, friends and pets. 

A day out in Santa Monica

Spring Break is here and so is my cousin Nikita from Toronto, Canada. This is her first trip to California so the girls and I thought we would take her to one of our favourite places, Santa Monica. A city known for the famous Santa Monica Pier, eclectic energy,  shopping, restaurants, and more shopping.


Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

It was a family affair as we went the extra mile to walk in the Skecher’s Pier to Pier Friendship Walk. The proceeds of this walk benefit children with special needs and education. Contributions were also donated to six schools within our community. It was a fabulous day! It was sunny and warm, and there were so many families in my community walking just under 5 miles for the cause.


All aboard - the walking school bus is here!

Our Mountain Buggy duo mummy Tabatha, has been going hard out there in her community, campaigning to "Stop Talking, Start Walking!" with awesome results! Read about her inspiring campaign and how she is encouraging families to get out there and live life without limit!
After months of planning, organizing, recruiting, training, marketing and PR, the Walking School Bus at Hermosa View Elementary School is up and running... or should I say “walking!”


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