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Best Double Strollers: You Won’t Believe How Light the Mountain Buggy nano duo is!


Got two kiddos in tow? Introducing one of the most compact folding and lightweight side-by-side strollers, the Mountain Buggy nano duo!

Like every Mountain Buggy, the nano duo is engineered for the mountains and designed for the city, the perfect stylish solution (available in five colours, plus special edition prints!) for parents frustrated by other rickety, clumsy double umbrella stroller options on the market. The nano duo has outstanding curb pop maneuverability – so key when navigating city streets – and features an extra large gear tray (basket) at the bottom for heaps of storage space (it actually fits a double nappy bag!).

Written by: Sassy Mama
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Anna Hewitt - Mountain Buggy nano duo pilot

"I still can't get over how compact it is when folded. Our previous double stroller is such a beast, even when folded up we can hardly even fit it in the boot of our car, let alone on public transport. The nano duo fits in our very tight hallway without getting underfoot, in the boot of the car, and I can tell it's going to be perfect for travel further afield as well."

Written by: Anna Hewitt, Mother of two ( San Fransisco, USA)

Marta Ruiz - Mountain Buggy nano duo pilot

"Before having the nano duo options would have been: go all four of us together, take only one of the kids or don't go at all... This time Daddy couldn't join us but with the nano duo I could go on my own and take both kids! I was really happy as I found it really easy to fold and unfold the buggy, it fits perfect in the trunk and it's really light... I was grateful of this"

Written by: Marta Ruiz, Mother of two ( Malaga, Spain)

Becky Stannett - Mountain Buggy nano duo pilot

"Today I took Theo and Cian to the beach.... yes me on my own with twin terrors to the actual beach! To get to it, you have to down a lot of steps but I was able to put the buggy on my shoulder (how crazy is that??) and hold the boys hands whilst we went down."

Written by: Becky Stannett, Mother of twins ( Kent, United Kingdom)

Sara Smeath, Mother of three

"Roaming and playing between wharf's, pontoons and narrow walkways with three children has only been made doable thanks to the thin design of the nano duo. We haven't had any issues nor have we had to change plans because we have a double stroller."

Written by: Sara Smeath, Mother of three ( Hong Kong)