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urban jungle


"The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is an all-terrain buggy. We enjoyed testing it on our newly harvested field and were impressed with the results."

Written by: Baby & Pram Reviews Read the full review here

urban jungle stroller in Thailand

"Pleased to report that the Mountain Buggys are in great use. Those people... should be proud of the way the product stands up to the rigours of 'The Hills Of Thailand'. The Buggys are in tip top shape and are in spotless condition. It seems that they are cleaned down after each use - and they are continually used. The one with the boy brings great relief to the grandmother and the one with the girl brings her great joy - everyday." - Graeme Jenkinson, The Foundation for Kids representative 


The urban jungle stroller has made the lives of less fortunate families in the hills of Thailand that little bit easier through our association with The Foundation for Kids. Their urban jungle has been put to the test, tackling muddy, unpaved mountainous terrain. We're proud to have been able to help!

"…if you need a full size off roader with ability to reach into town but go down the toughest of tracks and room for storage isnt a big problem. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is for you."

Buggy & Pram Reviews compares the Mountain Buggy swift, urban jungle and terrain strollers.

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Baby Gizmo video review

Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo gives you an indepth look at the new Mountain Buggy urban jungle stroller.

Note : We listen, we develop, we deliver. The urban jungle stroller now has an automatic frame lock for safety and convenience when folding.

"Whether you're navigating the city streets or a trail outdoors, the Mountain Buggy urban jungle has everything you need... Lightweight high tensile aluminum frame. Quick release wheels. Lockable front swivel wheel for maneuverability in the city or extra stability off-road. Upright to fully reclined seat positions so your little one can rest in comfort. Suitable for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Easy care fabric - water repellent and durable. Sunhood with viewing window so you and your little one can interact while you're on the move. Safe and easy two-step fold. Air filled tyres for a smoother ride. Easy foot operated brake." - OHbaby!

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consumer review

"My wife and I bought a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle, and had a wheel fail due to tire pressure in hot weather a few months past our warranty period. The support provided by Mountain Buggy was world class. They proactively contacted me and asked for a detailed description of what happened. They promptly arranged to have a new wheel sent to us and within a week of contacting us had us back in action. I would recommend this product based on the support alone (and its a great buggy). These folks stand behind their products."

Written by: Corey

consumer review

"We have our moss green mountain buggy urban Jungle for about 19 Months now and we just love it. The urban Jungle just kicks ass on all terrain. It’s not the smallest, but the driving comfort and the no nonsense construction makes up for it :o). The color comes in handy spotting your buggy in the supermarket. The sturdy carrycot made it possible in the beginning to safely transport the sleeping baby. A softbag like some parents have would not have been so good. We actually planed to buy a small buggy for our Mallorca Holiday in coming August. But after trying a few small carts, we decided to take our urban jungle with us. The comfort for our daughter, and the comfort for us as parents just is something we do not want to miss. Keep up the good work, Tom"

Written by: Tom

consumer review

"We are an Australian couple who moved to Finland this year and had our first child here in Helsinki in July. Our MB has been great at getting on and off the trams, buses and trains, maneuvering the cobblestones and now plowing through the snow. I still maintain I have the best Buggy to push through that snow and keep my son snug and warm. Thank you for having such a well designed and great looking product. We love it."

Written by: Alison

consumer review

"Couldn't be happier with the mountain buggy...and the customer service that comes along with it. When we received it in the mail, one of the buttons was broken of the seat material, and they sent us a brand new one free about 2 days later. So we basically have a backup seat if needed in an emergency. Also, we had a minor problem with the brake sticking, but they are sending us a completely new frame, no hassle at all. I couldn't imagine anything better in a stroller...smooth ride, easy to fold, and multiple attachments. Travel system, carry cot, all easy to use. 5 star easily. Recommend it to anyone."

Written by: Steve

consumer review

"This is a great buggy for all terrain. Generous size and comfortable for the baby, yet so easy to maneuver even single handedly. Can't wait to use it in the snow during winter."

Written by: Mariposa

consumer review

"I bought the Urban Jungle after extensive research... and love it! We were looking for a tough but stylish stroller that was suitable for the city, running, hiking trails and light enough to get in and out of a NYC cab. Great stroller! And the bassinet is perfect for a newborn."

Written by: Amanda

consumer review

"One of the few items my hubby took an interest in when registering for our first baby was the stroller. He got really into it and his extensive research lead us to Mountain Buggy's Urban Jungle. I was a little skeptical to register for a $500 stroller but now that we have it, I don't regret it at all. It's a great stroller and a lot better than those 4 wheeled travel system strollers that you can get with your car seat. Really easy to fold down and very easy to maneuver and push. We have a Peg Perego car seat and the stroller worked great with the MB car seat adapter we purchased. I think in the long run we may have even saved money by not getting a travel system and then later having to buy a jogging stroller too. This is our all in one. We even travelled (by air) with it to Colorado. It made the trip just fine, we purchased the Mountain Buggy travel bag, to protect our investment! If I had to say one negative thing, I wish the sun canopy was even bigger, but the follow the sun feature is great. Our baby is 6.5 months old and we have had nothing but good experiences with this stroller so far, with many more to come!"

Written by: Emily

consumer review

"After some research on strollers I chose this because of it is great for all types of terrain. I like that it is a bit big stroller, so it`s comfortable for the baby (even though I needed to change from the bassinet to the stroller when my son was only 3 months old because he was too tall). I love that the buggy is so easy to maneuver even with a single hand."

Written by: Hilde

consumer review

"I got this stroller for my son before he was born. It is the best stroller I've ever used! The steering is phenomenal and I've even taken it up and down stairs with ease. I love the pretty green color and the other color choices as well. The reason this doesn't get six stars is the lack of a parent cup holder, though there is a water bottle holder, the lack of an available snack tray, and the lack of complete directions (I had to puzzle out for myself that the strap with a clip was for keeping the stroller closed.) I would love to see more accessories included at this price point but it seems all the companies do this. Overall I would recommend this product and mountain buggy in general to anyone without the slightest hesitation!"

Note : We listen, we develop, we deliver. After reading this feedback from Amy and other urban jungle users, we redesigned the frame on all our buggies so they automatically locked when folded. We also now have a parent  cup holder   available as part of the stroller accessory range.

Written by: Amy

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