protect installs intuitively!

mountain buggy protect infant car seat seat belt installation in car - side view

Seat belt installation

For convenience and choice, protect can also be installed safely without a base using the seat belt of your car. Blue brackets guide the installation process for a safe and secure fit.

ISOfix base installation

ISOfix base for protect car seat

For a convenient & safe fit every time, install protect into your car with the ISOfix base. An ISOfix fixture is designed to make the fitting of car seats quick, simple and above all, safe. protect’s ISOfix base secures to the  ISOfix anchor points  in your car.

The ISOfix base features an adjustable support leg to stabilise the car seat and reduce movement, and the base is narrow in width to maximise back seat space and allow for portability.  Buy the ISOfix base now>

universal base installation

side view of BASEfix

If your car does not have ISOfix anchor points, your car’s seat belt can be used to install the universal base. Like ISOfix, the universal base gives you the convenience of installing protect quickly and safely.

The universal base features a rebound bar for safety upon impact, preventing the car seat and base rotating backwards against the vehicle seat on impact. Like the ISOfix base, an adjustable support leg stabilises the car seat and the base is narrow in width.  Buy the universal base now >