Written by Alannah Dawson (Ireland)Trainer and Owner of www.fitmummy.ie

My name is Alannah Dawson - owner of www.fitbod.ie I work hard as a Personal Trainer, business owner, fitness enthusiast and single mum. I believe in living ‘life without limit’, and with a love of the outdoors and being a keen adventure racer, I combine motherhood with my strong love of sport! I am going to offer realistic advice and tips on post natal fitness, ways to deal with those unexpected events like a planned or unplanned C Section, how to safely and effectively become active in those early days, and balancing time management. I am driven to giving mums a purpose again: a drive, a goal after giving birth as these months can be lonely for some mums. I want to offer ways to escape from feeling lonely or sad on those occasions, by being able to talk openly without judgement. How to fit into your clothes again, to feel and look your very best, I will motivate you to obtain work, life, balance in your life, combining all the elements required to be active, healthy and happy.