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A day out in the coolest little capital, with the coolest little buggy

MB mini pilot

Michaella Smith, mother of one

Wellington, NZ 


A delightful Saturday exploring Wellington was made even more of a delight with the Mountain Buggy mini .

A bustling farmers market, some retail therapy, up the cable car, off-roading through the botanical garden trails, a cafe lunch & a train ride. Not once did we have to excuse or make way for ourselves amongst the busy Saturday crowds with the nimblest, slimmest buggy around.

Mb mini Fred on train - secondary


What we were most impressed with, was how light this buggy was, at just 7.6kg (lighter than our baby boy!) yet so robust when we took it off-road.

A great day out with the MB mini was topped off with a ridiculously easy, one handed, compact fold into the car (whilst holding our boy in the other hand). The MB mini looked like it was swimming in our boot even amongst all the shopping.

The  MB mini , with it’s sleek matt black frame and poppy colours, at an insanely good price is definitely the coolest little buggy there is.

Mb mini Fred & Dad secondary


Check out the new MB mini in its four new colours here

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