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NZ's Baby Whisperer - Part 3 - transitioning from parent facing to forward facing seat

Mountain Buggy ambassador 

Sharlene Poole, mother of one 

Raglan, New Zealand 

My little boy George and I have been very busy the last few months, travelling around in a gypsy like lifestyle - and we’ve had our Mountain Buggy urban jungle along with us for the ride.

We’ve been across bumpy farm paddocks, dodging cow pats and along chunky gravel driveways and roads. We’ve been through soft white sand in the Coromandel and we’ve pounded the pavements of Raglan, Whangamata and Tairua.

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We’ve been caught in the rain a few and George just loves hiding behind the  rain cover , warm and dry watching the rain drops fall above him.

When at the beach (slightly sleep deprived from having a teething baby) I even managed to push the buggy in a plow like fashion for about 50 meters, not realizing I had the brake on and the front wheel in it’s fixed lock position! After 50 meters I realised why I was ploughing through the sand, took the brake off & navigated the white sand with ease.

Just goes to show how easy the urban jungle is to take on a sandy beach!

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George squeals with delight when gets into the buggy – he loves our buggy walks so much.

Our Mountain Buggy urban jungle really is a wonderful, mid- sized, 3 wheel buggy that fits nicely in our car, goes off-road with ease and crosses paddocks effortlessly. 

Plus, the ability to easily remove the wheels to fit into smaller spaces has been great, especially with a tiny courtesy car we’ve had recently!

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