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Spruce up your buggy

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Helen Williams, mother of two 

Auckland, New Zealand 

The maintenance kit may not be the most exciting accessory for your Mountain Buggy , but it has made me very popular among friends since I got it! The tyre pump especially. Friends have swung by more than once to fill their tyres, usually resulting in them seeing what else they can do to spruce up their buggies.

I must admit, I wouldn't quite know where to begin with a punctured tyre, but all the gear is in the maintenance kit for the day I need it (fingers crossed I won’t need it). The maintenance kit includes a handy sewing kit for buggy fabric repair (that one I do understand).

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The maintenance  kit comes in a stylish, compact bag which means it can easily be left in the bottom of the buggy gear tray, without taking up crucial baby-stuff space.

On writing this piece, I'm reminded how well Mountain Buggies are made, and hold their value, so keeping it looking good and in fine working order (much like a bike) is definitely worthwhile. 

Shop the Mountain Buggy maintenance kit here .