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Staying cosy with Mountain Buggy this winter

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Helen Williams, mother of two

Auckland, NZ 

There’s nothing quite like getting out of the house for a walk on a cold winter’s afternoon. Unless of course you prefer to keep your fingers un-frozen, like me. As a cold-blooded creature, who seems to be perpetually shivering, getting out of the house with the kids is often something I find I have to force myself to do this time of year. So needless to say, when I first slipped my tepid digits into the  Mountain Buggy hand muffs , I was happy to say the least. They’re soft, surprisingly warm but still don’t compromise control of the handlebar. In fact, now that my fingers are thawed, I probably have more control than ever. A definite for all you other cold finger people out there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 6-months-old or 106, nothing beats lying down on a sheep. I’ve always been a fan of wool buggy liners and the  Mountain Buggy lambswool liner  is a really good one. It’s super soft, looks great (the pure white colour is eye catching so you can quietly show off to your mates), and because it’s  Mountain Buggy  designed, it fits perfectly in the seat, so there’s no messy bunching like when you DIY. And of course, because it’s 100% pure lambswool, it’s super warm, so I can go out knowing her bottom is warm at the very least.

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