Installing your Mountain Buggy car seat the right way, every time, with our registered car seat technician Jake

Car seats can save lives but only when installed correctly.

I’m Jake, and I’m here to help ensure that Mountain Buggy protect infant car seats and bases are installed the right way, every time.

Mountain Buggy protect infant car seat is always installed rear facing and are suitable from birth to 13 kg.


Installing your protect infant car seat with seat belt only

image 1 blog seatbelt


  • Place the car seat rear-facing firmly against the back seat. Raise the front of the car seat slightly so baby sits comfortably at a 45 degree angle

Jake’s Tip: Use a rolled up towel or pool noodle for correct 45 degree angle. Also unravel the entire seat belt to make installing your car seat easier.

  • Weave the lap belt through both lap belt guides and make the seat belt ‘click’
  • Slide the shoulder belt all the way around the back of the car seat and tuck into the blue clip at the back
  • Pull the seat belt tight to ensure the car seat is secure

Jake’s Tip: Older vehicles tend to have shorter seat belts. If the belt is too short, I recommend using one of Mountain Buggy’s bases mentioned below. A base will also make life much easier.


  Installing your protect car seat with BASEfix

image 2 blog protect and uni base


  • Pull out the support leg from under the base and place the base onto the back seat
  • Weave seat belt through both slots on either side of the base & make the seat belt ‘click’
  • Tighten seat belt
  • Position the seat belt through the blue lock-off clamp and close it
  • Adjust the length of the support leg to ensure the bottom of the leg is firmly touching the floor

Jake’s Tip: Give the base a wiggle, checking there is little to no movement and the stabilising bar is hard up against the seat.

  • Next, lower the car seat rear facing onto the already installed base, and press downward making sure all 4 connection points engage & hear the parent friendly ‘click’

Jake’s Tip: For added safety, try lifting the car seat up, ensuring all four connections are firmly engaged.

  • To remove the car seat from the base, pull up the red release handle at the front of the base which will unlock the car seat. At the same time pull up

Jake’s Tip: When releasing  the car seat from the base, just make sure the car seat  handle is upright to avoid the risk of jolting the car seat.


Installing your protect car seat with ISOfix

image 3 blog protect and ISOFIX base


Mountain Buggy’s ISOfix base has three points of attachment to the car: the two ISOfix connector arms and the support leg.

Jake's Tip: To help you out, Mountain Buggy provides 2 plastic ISOfix guide clips. Attach these guides onto your car’s ISOfix anchor points. The plastic guides aren’t essential,  but I like to use them to make it easier and protect my car's seat.

  • Pull the support leg out from under the base and place the base onto seat
  • Pinch the adjustment buttons located on each side of the ISOfix base and slide out the arms

Jake's Tip:  Having the connector arms (these look like crab claws) pushed out to the longest position makes the connection easier.

  • Connect the ISOfix arms onto the ISOfix points through the ISOfix guides
  • Push the adjust buttons towards the vehicles anchor points until both connectors lock, with the indicators showing green on both sides
  • Adjust the support leg to ensure firm contact with the floor. The base of the support leg must turn from red to green
  • Next, place the car seat rear facing onto the ISOfix base, ensure all 4 connection bars ‘click’

Jake's Tip: For peace of mind, attempt to lift the car seat up, checking the car seat is secure

  • To remove the car seat from the base, slide the release switch to the left and at the same time pull the release handle
  • Carefully lift the car seat from the base


Be safe NZ

Jake, MB x


 *These instructions are based on NZ, EU, UK and ASIA car seat installation standards. *Instructions will vary market by market.

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