Ready set go... nope not yet... OK - GO!

The last weeks and days leading up to the girls' birth were the most testing - this statement is no longer true but how was I to know the blur that would overcome us once they arrived!

marcus and sarah

All along our journey we had been told by our amazing specialist at Wellington Hospital that we would be having the babies at 36 weeks. At the start this had stressed Sarah as she wanted to leave them in as long as we could, and of course, with twins, the problem is usually keeping them in. But when we had asked our obstetrician about keeping them in past 36 weeks we were told that with our type of twins it was too risky and they had to come out at 36. So that was it - we had set in stone in our heads 36 weeks. 

The problem came as we hit the 35th week. In our heads it was time for final preparation - the madness began! Up to this point we had not wanted to jinx ourselves by doing major things such as installing our car capsules - we didn't want to count our babies until they hatched as it were. But now at 35 weeks it was time to unstack the boxes standing in the corner and start down the path of installation. 

There is nothing like opening new stuff, the small and the excitement! When the new stuff is baby capsules - two of them - it also comes with a little panic attack! This is probably the case for all parents - you have a moment where you look at this tiny little harness set up and think, soon there will be a baby in that... I need to make sure I do this right!

It's interesting to note that 90% of people think they have installed a capsule correctly and yet 80% of those haven't! I was determined to get it right - if not only for the safety of my babies also because Sarah was insisting that I get our friends at Mountain Buggy to check what I had done. I am very please to say I was in the 20% that got it right! Babies safe and Dad's first win! 


Now we had the car seats in, the hospital bags packed, yes 'BAGS'! It seems that the little picture on the signs for the maternity ward at the hospital depicting a pregnant woman holding one bag are totally false... Or at least outside of the frame there is a poor husband who now looks more like a pack mule carrying the other five bags! the real question when one looks at a car packed and ready to go to the delivery suite is, where will the parents fit?!

Finally we were there, the golden 36 week mark! We set off to our appointment completely ready to be told that it was time to be induced - not something we wanted but understanding that was what was likely going to have to happen. We were right, sort of. We were told that, but also told to how busy they were, the first time they could book us in was three days later! This probably would have been fine if we hadn't had the idea of holding them in until 37 weeks beaten out of us at the start by doctors using terms like 'fetal demise'! We were freaked. Well at least I was, so Sarah must have gone straight into a tail spin. The doctors went on to reassure us that all was well and our babies, although being mono/di twins, were happy and healthy and that there was very little risk to us waiting until Wednesday to have them. It would have made their birthday September 10th, we all chuckled at the fact that they could be born on 9/11 and then it would be simple to remember. Perhaps we should't have laughed so much... 


Wednesday was finally here! Sarah and I had an amazing Tuesday. I made her favourite foods and we had taken a big walk on the beach, all the while saying this will be the last time it's just us... We were up at 5am getting ready to go to the hospital for the 7am induction, quickly getting ourselves underway and on the road in case of rush hour traffic. It was the most exciting and nerve racking drive I had done (until I took the girls home - but that's for later). We made it to the hospital in great time, even getting there a little early. The lovely lady at the front desk of the delivery suite showed us down to our room and we sat there in quiet anticipation... and we sat... and we sat... 

8:30am rolled around and a midwife suddenly appeared. She said "so do you have any questions? Someone has told you we are not doing your induction today haven't they?" We were totally thrown - no one had told us anything! The midwife quickly scurried away and arrived back with the doctor who explained that they were over-loaded. In fact, there were two other lots of twins being born today as well as every room being full! As you can imagine we were quite annoyed - pi##ed off even. 

This was like the worst type of emotional roller coaster ever! I snapped at the doctor and pointed out we had high risk twins and that we had already been put off, not to mention we had driven in from Raumati - I was so annoyed! 


Looking back now, this doctor was amazing and handled the situation perfectly. He let me have my little rant and then said very calmly "we only care about you and your babies, today is not safe for them to be born as we don't have enough staff and the NICU is already at capacity." It was those simple terms that made me calm down, we certainly didn't want to have any extra risk. So, after 30 minutes of monitoring to make sure the girls were as happy as they had always been, we were off home, again... 

Round two... ding, ding, ding. Up at 5am and we were off again. This time it felt right, we were not stressed or worried, it seemed that this had been the day our twins had chosen all along to come into the world, and it was a beautiful day to have babies, 9/11... The day we had all thought it would be :)

The birth story is an interesting one and I will tell it next - in a level of detail that won't make the dads and dads-to-be run for the hills. I want to tell you what it was like from my perspective - Sarah's story is her own and it's not my place to tell it. I am aware we have thrust forward quickly and there are a few things I would like to loop back to at some stage - but I am so excited to tell you this story...