A day out in Santa Monica

Spring Break is here and so is my cousin Nikita from Toronto, Canada. This is her first trip to California so the girls and I thought we would take her to one of our favourite places, Santa Monica. A city known for the famous Santa Monica Pier, eclectic energy,  shopping, restaurants, and more shopping.

We set out in our Mountain Buggy duo, all loaded up for the day. Thankfully there is ample room in in the under basket to store snacks, water bottles, lunch boxes, blankets, sweaters, toys and hats.

As soon as we arrived we hit the beach, but it was still too cool in the early morning, so we headed to Teah and Skye’s favourite little playground. Santa Monica has a merry go round and amusement park with games and rides, including the infamous Santa Monica  Ferris Wheel, which the girls were looking forward to. Unfortunately, because we were there during the weekday everything was closed.

We headed to our next destination, just around the corner, the Santa Monica Pier. The Pier is known for it’s huge  Ferris Wheel which has appeared in many a movie, and it’s eclectic mix of artists showcasing their many talents.  We had a stroll along the Pier under the blue, cloudless sky, and viewed the Santa Monica mountains, which appeared brilliantly in the background. There were a few brave souls swimming and splashing in the chilling waves. It was a gorgeous day.




After a quick stop into a souvenir shop where the pleads from my children echoed throughout the store “Mama can we please buy something” over and over again, I finally caved and they walked out happily with new toys.

It was time for lunch, so the girls got back in their  buggy to eat their packed lunch, while Nikita and I strolled them up to  the 3rd Street Promenade, a haven of outdoor shops. Nikita, had a great time. She is a bit of a shopping fanatic so, it was the perfect spot. She shopped and shopped and shopped! We were still shopping after sunset. As the sun left us and the cold approached, it was time to cuddle the girls in their blankets. The girls and our Mountain Buggy duo survived the 12 hour long day without a hitch!

Thankfully there is ample room in the  duo’s under basket to store snacks, water bottles, lunch boxes, toys, hats, and shopping bags, lots and lots of shopping bags!!!

* Green Tip - When going on a shopping spree, don’t forget to bring along your reusable shopping bags. Always bring a couple more than you think you will need. Most of us Mountain Buggy Mommy’s have no problem filling them all up with well deserved gifts we buy for ourselves ;) Remember every time you use a plastic bag you are destroying your child’s planet...

  • plastic bags are not biodegradable;
  • they may take 1000 years or more to breakdown into smaller particles which, pollute the soil and water;
  • thousands of marine mammals die each year after swallowing, or choking on discarded plastic bags.