Au naturel

Back when when my husband and I were just talking about pregnancy and Olivia was simply a little star somewhere glittering in the sky, we decided that it was time for a lifestyle change. I became obsessed with creating an environment that was as natural and pristine as possible for the child we'd be bringing into the world. We'd always leaned toward the eco-friendly route, so making a few more changes wasn't too difficult for us and that's when we jumped on the organic/all-natural bandwagon.

At first, our changes were mostly environmental: the home cleaners and body products that we purchased and so on. But it quickly progressed to our food intake and grocery habits as well. Before we knew it, we were making different choices in all aspects of our lives without even thinking twice. Becoming an organic family was actually much simpler than one might think. The resources and products that are available now are plentiful and the switch, for us, was surprisingly quite an easy one. We even switched the dogs food! Now I'm not the preachy type, but I will be honest and say that we all felt the positive results of our change not to mention being able to lessen our impact on the environment as well. Of course there are those times when you slip or have no other choice, but I'd say that it's pretty simple to make it work about ninety percent of the time. 

We especially felt that with a newborn baby, it was very important to keep the level of toxic products down in her environment. I couldn't imagine bringing a perfect little human from the most sterile environment to one filled purposefully with hazardous fumes (like the VOC's that emanate from wood furnishes, paints and dyes). So we worked hard during our nursery planning at choosing non-toxic products as well as picking out bedding and clothes for our newborn that were all-natural. We now continue to carry this philosophy on when it comes to feeding our little Miss. One might think this is difficult, but I can say easily that I'm no cook and we have still managed it rather well. I am sure one day Olivia will want her fast food and candy bar. But I can try to stave that off for as long as possible while helping to teach her about all of the healthy and delicious foods there are in the meantime.

Fortunately these days, almost every major grocer and company creates affordable alternatives and creating a clean environment and lifestyle is a relatively easy one. The one draw back that I have come across the most, however, is the lack of actual 'style' to a lot of the all natural kids clothing (which is dire when you also happen to work in the fashion industry ;). I've found it a bit difficult to find clothes that are both cute AND comfortable while still falling into the all-natural realm. Let's be honest, a lot of the natural clothing out there is, well, rather bland. So I must admit that I have found myself purchasing a lot of 'regular' clothing along the way. But that doesn't mean that I ever stop searching, I am always on the look out for all things stylish and non-toxic. 

Which is why I was very excited to be introduced to mokopuna merino clothing. I was a little skeptic at first since I've also found much of the organic clothing to have a lack of elasticity or give. But I am happy to say that mokouna is truly everything it bills itself to be! I get so frustrated with clothing labels that make garments that may look cute, but do nothing except restrict and hinder the movements of your child. But the mokpuna merino is not only extremely soft to the touch, but it's stretchy too and has a lot of give. For a busy baby or active toddler like mine, this is a must, and has become a staple piece in her Spring wardrobe. Love this!

Remember that every little bit helps. So even if you can't make a large lifestyle change, the small changes you can make here or there add up too. Here are some great resources that I've found in raising an organic baby, and of course keep up to date for some wonderful tips from our other Mountain Buggy blogger Tabatha - our resident Green Crusader!

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