Double strollers, are they a pain the butt?!

I'll admit, I resisted the double stroller. I always looked at parents pushing double strollers and thought, "Wow, that looks like a pain in the butt!"

Well, four months after having my second child I realized, I do need one of those pains in the butt. Thankfully I found the Mountain Buggy Duet and it really isn't a pain the butt!

Before I had the Duet, I would go on outings by putting the baby in the Ergo Carrier and pushing the 2 year-old in a single stroller. That was not really fun. I kept bumping her into the stroller handle. Plus, it wasn't easy to get him in and out of the stroller while wearing her and she didn't get much fresh air smooshed to Mommy the entire time.

Then we had the Mountain Buggy sent to us! It was one of the easiest things I have ever assembled, and that is saying something! Most of the time it feels like you need a PhD in physics to assemble baby gear. I was able to put it together in about 10 minutes.

My 2 year-old who doesn't care much for strollers was excited. He loved that there was a seat just for each of them.

"This is my seat and this is Ava's seat!" he exclaimed. He climbed in eagerly and said, "She's sitting next to me!" The baby, who loves being around her big brother, also thought the seating arrangements were pretty neato!

My husband did the honors of pushing them onto the sidewalk for the first time. He had gone a total of 2 feet when he said, "Wow, this thing is smooth!"

It really is. I won't pretend it isn't a beast. It's easy to fold up and unfold but it is still a large piece of equipment and it takes up most of the space in our trunk. There is no way around that. It is a DOUBLE stroller after all - made to transport two human beings. But it has become the most important thing we travel with. It makes outings so much more manageable when we can strap our little ones in side by side and take a walk to the park or stroll around the mall.

So I was wrong. The double stroller is not a pain in the butt after all - especially not this one. Being with out it - that is the butt!

Natalie Morris  is a CNBC televison anchor, mummy of two and blogger for , her husband, Clayton, is an anchor on Fox News "Fox & Friends".

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