Here we go again…

Written by Nick and Francine S.
Proud owners of the Mountain Buggy duet

When our second daughter was almost upon us we faced the dilemma of having 2 kids armed with just one buggy. Up until Sofia was born, we had a Mountain Buggy swift to cart around our oldest daughter Ariana, and while it was awesome and totally suited us in every way, we needed to accommodate another passenger who was soon to arrive.

My husband and I spent a long time researching two-seater buggies leading up to the birth, but we weren’t at all happy for settling with one that was sub-par.

On the discovery that Mountain Buggy were soon to release the duet we were quite excited. This particular buggy appealed because it had two side-by-side seats where the children would have unobstructed views and it was the same width as a single buggy!

Fortunately, it just so happened that the Mountain Buggy duet was due to come out at exactly the same time the baby was due to come out! We pre-ordered it, and it arrived on our doorstep a few weeks after Sofia’s birth.

The duet has so far been everything we had wanted in a two-seater buggy. We live in a small rural town in the middle of the North Island (in New Zealand), where the outdoors is part of everyday life and where the snow falls frequently during the winter.

A walk into town with our sleeping infant in one side, and an energetic 2 1/2 year old is easy, and when Ariana has finally exhausted herself and they are both reclined in their seats fast asleep… pure bliss!


At first when I approached a single doorway, I would hold my breath wondering whether we were going to make it through, but we just glide through without fail every time.

With a fresh sprinkling of snow on Mount Ruapehu (just outside our front door), we know that winter is fast approaching. We are looking forward to many more outdoor adventures!

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