MB does the nursery / pet shop

Summer would not be complete without our visits to our local nursery and pet store! Beach properties in Hermosa Beach don't often afford you the luxury of gardens or grass for that matter, but we got lucky with a little patch of grass in front of our house and just enough room to plant flowers. 

I make a trip to "Lucky Plants" on a regular basis, and today it was time to spruce up our garden with a colorful array of summer flowers. With my green thumb and green Mountain Buggy duo the girls and I set off to our local nursery.

There was a huge variety of flowers to choose from. Skye found a copper vase that was perfect for all her treasures we find on our nature walks. It will be placed by our front door, where she can view her wide variety of leaves, branches, stems, feathers, pine cones etc. everyday.

Teah stuck to the plan and chose some zinnia, marigolds and cornflower, and I must say the contrast of colours, periwinkle blue, gold and fuchsia are a stunning combination.

After our trip to the nursery we had one more stop to make, the pet store, another place we frequent often. The girls love to go in and pet the guinea pigs and rabbits and stand with their noses pressed up against the snakes! We had to stop in to get a litter box for our rabbits. Yes! Big news, we are now proud owners of two rabbits, Marshmallow and Toby. Toby was named after my husband, because after a year of relentless begging he finally caved in! I am the push over, I love animals, but we had to wait it out to get Daddy's consent and the day finally arrived!

We have two rabbits, one dog, two fish, and you think that would be enough for a 5 and 7 year old, but every visit to the pet store leads to "Oh please, can we have another pet'! Today it was "I wanna iguana"!!! Apparently if you get an iguana when it is a baby you can train it quite easily to live outside of the tank. It will hang out on your shoulder and you can pet it and cuddle it. When Teah heard this info she fell in love with the thought of having one and has not stopped talking about it since. We have a lot of research to do, and have to pass it by Daddio. I told her she would have to take care of it for 20 years and the iguana can lash out and whip her with his long tail when upset. She pondered for a while and said "I know Mommy, but I still wanna iguana"!!!

Green Tip * As we are on the topic of Green Iguanas I thought I would share a few interesting facts.

*Iguana's can be toilet trained, learn tricks and even find their way home if lost

*Iguana's must have access to UVB and UVA lighting

*Iguana's need a lot of room! A 50 gallon aquarium is the minimal size an Iguana should live in, and it will outgrow it in a matter of months! We were considering putting ours in our extra large bathtub ;)

*Iguana's will grow to be 5 or 6 feet!

Just a few very important facts to consider, I think I will hold off on buying an Iguana and continue to do my research. I will keep you posted.