Size matters

Size does matter - a bold and somewhat leading statement, but one that resonates well when talking about Mountain Buggy’s most compact, yet fully featured side-by-side, the duet TM.

Built from the solid, slim line foundation of the Mountain Buggy duo TM, yet taking the fundamental elements of the compact and light swift TM, the duet delivers in all of Mountain Buggy’s trademark DNA - manoeuvrability, durability, adaptability and simplicity.


  • It’s the same width as a single buggy - 63cm wide! Simply glides through doors and manoeuvres around tight spaces so easily!
  • Takes one OR two travel systems and takes one OR two carrycots
  • Easy twist and slide harness adjustment system
  • Individual sun canopies with flick out mesh sun visors


“Altogether, Mountain Buggies in general are hard to beat. One of the most beautiful elements is the push; they are so well balanced, they are a dream to manoeuvre and even this double could turn on a sixpence. The duet is particularly versatile because it is a narrow double buggy with all the assets of it's bigger sibling: the duo.” , UK

“If I had twins on the way or kids that were less than two years apart, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. The duet's compact configuration and comfortable stroll make it a winner in my book.” , USA

“The duet is small enough to be used as you would a single stroller, it fits comfortably on public transport and moves effortlessly about the shops. It's small size however does not mean it will not hold its own outdoors and active parents can rest assured the duet will keep up with your family adventures.” , AUST

“I'm actually sick with excitement at the thought of this. Have I got it right? Mountain Buggy have brought out a side by side that is 63cm wide (narrower than my current), and it takes 2 car seats or bassinets. Is this too good to be true or have I read it wrong with my babybrain?” Leah, NZ

Recently the team at called for a head-to-head battle between side-by-side greats:  Mountain Buggy duet VS Bugaboo Donkey . Both released around the same time with much anticipation from around the world, both these buggies offer outstanding features and benefits... but who won this round?

Here is the exciting review from our friends at

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