Spring is here!!!

Well for those of us wintering in the South, spring actually began a month ago. While a large majority of the rest of the country has remained under snow, the weather here has been a beautiful average of 75 degrees and sunny.

Yep I like to rub that fact in, especially since I too was recently one of those bundled up and grumpy individuals trudging the streets of Manhattan, dodging piles of black slush and trying not to break an ankle while traversing the slippery subway stairs.

Now that we've been fortunate enough to make a change of scenery and Olivia is almost a year old, the husband and I are having a blast showing the world to her. There truly is something amazing about watching a little human being find wonder in something as small as an ant crawling across the sidewalk or stare in awe of the magic of a bubble.

With the warmer weather comes the many splendours of the world that have multiplied for our little O, and we suddenly seem to find ourselves going along with her for the ride. Our spring thus far has already been a busy one and it doesn't look much like it will change anytime soon.

We had a wonderful time visiting my cousin's farm and playing with the baby chicks, goats and puppies. The goats my cousin raises are called 'fainting goats' and for good reason - they pass out cold when they are startled! It definitely was quite the scene and gave us all a good laugh.

We've also had our first set of spring visitors! My younger brother came into town with a few of his friends while they were on Spring Break from college and we all had a wonderful time. My best friend visited for a few days as well.

We took her down to the river front one afternoon to visit a local friend's restaurant and get in a bit of shopping. I love how easily my Mountain Buggy swift packs into my car! It leaves plenty of room in my little compact mobile for our shopping bags, Olivia's toys and all!

shopping by the river

Daddy and O at our friend's restaurant

food was delicious - homemade donuts... YUM!

me and my bestie!


shopping... YUM!

ready to go home

Walks have become a favourite pass time for Olivia. In fact I often get compliments on how well she sits in her stroller. We live very close to a nature preserve and O absolutely loves long strolls in her terrain or swift. She enjoys watching the trees sway in the air, the flowers bloom and the birds float on the breezes over head. We've recently spotted a nesting family of Bald Eagles nearby, how cool!

On one afternoon walk with Olivia and the dogs, our pup Iggy decided the walk was a bit much for her. Granted she's a tad overweight but she's never pooped out on a walk before! Needless to say I was happy that I had Olivia in the terrain because the bottom basket quickly became a doggy carrier for the latter half of the walk. Iggy wasn't too pleased at first but when presented with the alternative of finishing out her walk on her own or riding snuggly inside, she chose to stay put. It worked out wonderfully and little Iggy-chubs had a cozy ride with a view!

terrain doing double duty

With the warmer weather comes the ability to hang out and picnic at the park. This Spring day was slightly nippy still so Olivia was warm in her adorable mokopuna merino sweatshirt (it's actually one of my faves for her to play in, with it's stretch and softness). We met with some friends, picnicked, played and had so much fun!

Beach days have arrived with the spring and I couldn't be happier! Last year Olivia was just a wobbly little newborn and didn't do much but sleep to the sound of the ocean at the beach. This time it's a much different story! She's quite taken with the seagulls and the little bubbling holes where the mini-clams burry down deep at the water’s edge. I am so excited for this summer, she's going to be such a little beach baby!

I can only hope and imagine that as Olivia grows and is able to experience more, so will our fun in watching her do so. I've come to appreciate things in a whole new light as I watch her soak in the world with wonder. Having a child has taught me patience on so many different levels and now this forced slowing of our daily lives in order for her to be able to take it all in, is something that I am absolutely loving. I look back to a year ago and then even a few months ago, while I was in the midst of new parenting meltdowns and am so happy that I can finally breath and enjoy it now.

Here's to a busy and beautiful summer!

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