Summer on the Strand

Hermosa Beach is always such a fun place to be in the summer! You can't beat those surfer dudes waiting to catch that perfect wave (my husband included), our neighbours in other cities leaving the hot weather inland to enjoy a cool, breezy beach day, the oversea tourists stopping by after they have seen Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive to see what all the fuss is about, and the locals walking along the strand with their children, friends and pets. 


I took an hour stroll with the girls along the beach, on a cool breezy day. The sound of the waves lulled Skye into a deep sleep, so I configured her seat and set her down in sleep position with an easy pull of the latch. Teah took to people watching and enjoying the scenery.

We were stopped several times by many new moms admiring our Mountain Buggy duo. One particular mom, had a 3 year old and a newborn so I chatted to her for quite a while giving her the scoop on our side-by-side. First of all, it is a wonderful buggy if you have two children of different weight distribution, the 4 all terrain wheels keep the buggy balanced at all times, whether you are jogging, walking or turning. Each child has their own sunroof so they can choose shade/sun individually. Napping is easy just pull on the latch at the back of the seat and watch it collapse into a bed. There is plenty of legroom as they grow at their different speeds and it is the smoothest ride out there! Don't even get me started on all the colour options! Needless to say she was very impressed!

Once Skye awoke from her slumber we took the hula hoops off our buggy and hit the sand for some hula fun! Skye is an avid hula hooper, she can stand, drop to one knee, walk, spin, change the hula hoop from one body part to the other.

Our stroll proved to be very relaxing, a few conversations along the way, some beach fun and and a of course the LA pets walking their owners! You just never know what you might see in Hermosa Beach!

*Green Tips- To help you keepyour Beach clean!

*Organize a beach clean up! Gather friends and families and make a difference.

*Head to the beach and collect one garbage bag per family.

*Take advantage of public restrooms.

*Leave nothing behind, take everything back with you after a day at the beach.

*Pick up after your dog.

*PIck up trash on your way home even if it isn't yours.

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