Summer Sale!

School’s out and my walking to school program is at rest until the fall but I wasn’t going to let the residents of Hermosa Beach off that easy, I was going to make sure they continued walking throughout the summer. I had a plan!

I hit the streets, the main streets, of Hermosa with my green crusader mentality, “Stop Talking, Start Walking” tee-shirt, Mountain Buggy duo moss (green) buggy and children in tow, and went into all the shops one by one. I asked the owners if they would give every walking customer a 10% discount if they walked to their shop and quoted the phrase “Stop Talking, Start Walking”.


The response was an overwhelming “yes” from 98% of the store owners for the months of June and July! I made them aware of my campaign and explained how walking more would alleviate the traffic congestion in the busy main streets where the shops are located. Of course it is difficult to prove whether  a customer walked or not, but you just have to have faith in your community and believe that people are good and honest the majority of the time. Plus, it was a win/win situation... a SALE will always generate more business by people who may not have walked into that store otherwise. I made a SALE flier to put up in the participating store windows right away.

I submitted the participating store names to South Bay Magazine, who was currently in the process of writing an article of my “stop talking, start walking” campaign, and they listed the stores and this “stop talking, start walking” Summer Sale. Again win/win as the local business’ located in my article received free advertising. Anyone who read the magazine, which has a circulation of 25,000, would become aware of the 10% discount they would be given for simply walking to town.

I have heard positive feedback from the shop owners, and I myself have enjoyed receiving 10% off my favorite Mediterranean sea salt gelato at our local Gelato parlor - yummmm!

The sale is still going strong until the end of the month, so if you are in need of a holiday, come to Hermosa Beach, California where  the sun always shines and you can get 10% off anything from jewelery, clothing, food, gifts, art, photography, hair cuts and gelato - just for walking!

Green Tip:
Summer picnics are so much fun! Well they are for me. I don’t think my husband or many other men find eating tuna sand sandwiches and itsy bitsy ant strawberries as appetizing as I do, but you just can’t beat the views!
When planning a picnic:

  • try to snuggle down with your beach blanket at a destination that is easy to get to, so you can walk there
  • Use a canvas cooler or back pack to carry food as they are lightweight and compact-able
  • Skip the individually packaged drinks and fill a cooler/aluminum water bottle instead
  • Bring cloth napkins with you and utensils from home. Look for biodigradable paper plates and cups
  • Don’t forget to bring 2 extra canvas bags for garbage and recycling. When you get home simply stick them in the washing machine along with the cloth napkins so you are ready for next weekend!! 


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