Thanks for a great stroller!

We heard from today's guest blogger Kristina, when she sent through a gorgeous email to our team, just to say thanks for designing a great stroller!

"I purchased a Mountain Buggy Urban Double stroller back in 2004 with the birth of our second child. Since then, we've had 3 more kids, now aged: 8, 7, 5, 3, and 9 mths. I'm still on the original stroller (replaced the seats a year ago, but not out of necessity, I just wanted to update it a bit with a new color). We live on a farm and I use that stroller more than our ATV and tractor combined. If it doesn't have 2 kids in it, or 3 or 4 (arranged very carefully), it has a kid and 3 50lb bags of horse feed, or a kid and 6 buckets of tools, duct tape, twine (farm necessities) where I walk around the property fixing fences and what not. We recently had a crew come clear some pine trees off our property and I wanted to walk around and look at what they had done. I walked 60 acres, going over pine trees 6-8 inches in diameter, sticks, twigs, dirt mounds, mud, you name it! What's in the woods, I went over it with the stroller - not a flat tire... nothing! I can't tell you how much I love that stroller. There are only a few things I would buy if I had to do it all over again, knowing now what I know after 5 kids, what I would start over again with one, and that stoller is one of them... along with diapers! So, thank you so much for producing such a great stroller. And if you ever need one tested for durability, just send it my way!" :-)

We loved Kristina's story - Along with kids and buggy in two, Kristina really did live life without limit! So we contacted her and asked her to be our guest blogger, introducing us into her world!

I have quite a few stories and we've had a long stroll the Mountain Buggy and I. Figured I'd just give an overall entry of our life first...


These are the passengers on my Mountain Buggy. We live on a farm in the panhandle of Florida, and I can honestly say I use my stroller more than any other piece of equipment out here, including our ATV and tractor. Every morning, I load my 10 month old boy on one side and 7 buckets of feed on the other and head out to feed the horses, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and dogs.

(Why do my two oldest daughters have their hands like that? They wanted their hand puppets to be in the picture also. Their puppets are named "Fred" and "Marty McFarty Pants").

Now, Mountain Buggy claims that this is just a two kid stroller, but it can easily accommodate three and, if they are strategically placed... four kids no problem. I have even had all five kids on it during one of my lazy days, but the fifth is more or less just balancing!I :-)

Now my 3yr old daughter Stella, is obsessed with collecting the eggs from our chickens. And when I say obsessed, I mean obsessed! First thing she does when she wakes up is tell me she has to go outside to get the eggs. I tell her she needs to let the chickens have some time, like I tell her every morning, to lay the eggs. Finally, late morning rolls around and she grabs her basket and heads outside.

I park the stroller on our patio at night. We have a Bantam chicken which comes and lays an egg in the seat of the stroller each morning. That's the first one she collects. Then she heads off to collect the rest of the eggs. She brings them back in the kitchen and sorts them all by color. We have brown eggs and also blue and green ones from Americaunas.

We did have a chicken who'd lay eggs in the basket underneath. She even went for a few walks with us before I realized she was down there! Luckily, I never tried to fold the stroller with her in it - that would have been ugly!

This stroller is so great, even the chickens think the seats are comfortable!

* While this shows off Mountain Buggy's durability, strength and tough performance, we don't recommend in any way over loading your stroller!

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