The Swift takes a Disney World Adventure!

One of our contributors of past Sophia (NY) checks in and shares with us her latest family adventure going to Disney World with her trusty and nimble Mountain Buggy swift! Read how it all went, plus check out the gorgeous images throughout! We miss you Sophia! MBx

Hello there cyber world, it’s certainly been a while! When I last wrote, it was shortly after my daughter’s first birthday and I simply cannot believe how the time has flown! Miss O has turned into a full blown little kid now and will be three years old in a couple of weeks. I look back to the times when I could lay her down on a play-mat - and she’d actually stay there - and I recall how stressed out and manic I was then. For some silly reason I believed then that I was surely experiencing the roughest part of parenting and it would get easier and easier form there out. Ha!

Although, to be fair, parenting hasn’t necessarily grown more difficult either. It’s just changed. I’m still sleep deprived and maybe a little manic. But my cute, little, mushy, butterball-of-a-baby has now turned into an inquisitive, smart and hilarious little person. The parental demands are still present, of course, but every moment is also laced with rewards such as I’ve never experienced before. One of those rewards is seeing the world through the eyes of your child. When you’re a little kid, life is magic and unfortunately that’s something that’s generally wrought out of us as we grow up. This was never more evident to me than on our first trip to Disney World last week and boy could that trip have gone down a darker path, had it not been for Mountain Buggy.

After hearing conflicting Disney reports from friends of ours (all parents of  toddlers as well) I had no idea what to expect and I braced myself for the worst. I mean this is Disney, after all, and despite it being labeled as ‘The Happiest Place on Earth,’ it’s not surprising to see a ten-year-old losing it while waiting in line. Plus, we had a packed schedule laid out that included three of the Disney Parks (The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and The Animal Kingdom), parades, shows and a character dinner with the Disney princesses. Of course we could expect a few meltdowns. Right?




I could not have been more wrong. Watching our daughter at Disney World for the very first time was pure magic. Witnessing her reactions to everything, her genuine wonder and pure delight, was far better than any ride we could have gone on. We spent four days in Orlando, three of which were completely full days at the various parks - without any breaks - and not once did Miss O lose her cool. In fact, I was so amazed by this that I’ve been prompted to send a lengthy thank you note to Mountain Buggy. I’ve come back from our vacation and praised my stroller for saving our lives and thanking the stars that I have a child who - even at three years old - LOVES her stroller. Each morning we packed up the undercarriage of our Swift - which carried enough food and drinks for all three of us for the entire day - and Miss O would excitedly jump on in. We rolled all over Disney World from one park and ride to the next and our Swift rocked it out.



At 38” tall, Olivia still fits into her Swift perfectly. Plus it’s low enough to the ground that (if I leave her unbuckled) she can easily climb in and out on her own, which she loves. We spent many an hour walking the parks and most of that time, Olivia happily watched all of the goings on from her little perch. When she felt overwhelmed or tired, she’d want to sit in her stroller, pull down the sunshade and take a little break from the world. Our Swift never faltered. It carried all we loaded it up with, plus a bouncing little girl, it swiveled easily through crowds of people and sped smoothly along when we had to run to catch a bus or train. Most importantly, it was  quick and simple to collapse for carrying onto crowded transportation systems. Not to mention, our Swift stood out in the crowd. When hundreds of other buggies were lined up along walls, ours was always easy to spot: bright red and the sleekest looking stroller of all! Even after three years of hard use, our stroller still runs and looks like new.

When we first got the Swift, I had no idea how well it would grow with our family or how much our daughter would end up loving it. Thank you, Mountain Buggy!  You really helped make Disney World a wonderful place!

PS- On a side note, our Terrain is still a staple in our lives as well. Now that Miss O is three, she often requests me to jog her to and from her preschool and various other places. She absolutely loves it. Although if she had her way, I’d be jogging a whole lot faster than I do. Regardless, as a bonus it also happens to be one of the only places Miss O will take a nap these days. We do love our Mountain Buggies. Perhaps one day, in the not too distant future, we’ll be adding the Duo or the new Duet to our collection. Until then, happy strolling, walking, jogging and all!




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