Time to reflect

2012 is nearly over, work has finished at HQ, and Christmas is fast approaching. And while I am excited about the 2 week holiday coming my way, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. It’s been an insane year, and when I reflect back to the past 355 days gone by, one tune plays through my mind - a Beatles classic: “I get by with a little help from my friends”.

Here I am, top left, hanging with my marketing team at our crazy Christmas party!

 Apart from all the launches and the everyday business stuff that we do in life, I am just so lucky to be working in a company like phil&teds. Sure, I’m in the Mountain Buggy camp - loud and proud, blowing that all terrain trumpet - but I never forget the sister brand who continues to grow alongside us - a few punches here and there, but a lot of camaraderie and love along the way.

We’re a diverse mix of cultures, personalities and characters, who seem to thrive on each others quirks. Our chief staunchly supports us all (even though we can be naughty sometimes!), and his belief has resulted in more offices opening around the world, more charity work for the company, expanded downstairs to build a unique collaboration space and cafe, and has just successfully launched the first p&t minimee school holiday program for our little ones in the office. I don’t know any other company lucky enough to have this done for them in one year.

Our minimee's on a 'wheels day' outing the past week!


A couple of weeks back, we took ‘class photos’ of our departmental teams for our xmas party - with each department dressed to suit their stereotypical personalities. Here is my chance to introduce you to my wacky work family, my family away from home - these guys pick me up when I’m down, make me laugh until I’m crying, make me look forward to work everyday. It’s tough being a working parent when we long to be with our kids and take in those milestones, so being amongst a group of people who ‘get that’ and allow us to strike that balance, I am forever grateful.

This is our management team - our mentors, our managers - the staff for our 'p&t school'

(top) marketing 'snobs', (middle) sales 'glee club', (bottom) web/IT 'socially awkward'

(top) engineering 'seriuosly studious', (middle) quality 'preps'

(top) care 'cheerleaders', (middle) logistics 'band', (bottom) lone ranger - head boy

(top) finance 'nerds', (middle) design 'jocks', (bottom) warehouse 'rebels'

Here are the international offices who keep us humming around the world!

Just to make it clear, my boss hasn’t asked me to write this, in fact my colleagues would be horrified when they come back to work and find this! But hey, I’ll just blame it on the fact that it was meant to be the end of the world and I had a whole lotta love to give!

So here’s to another year gone, and here’s to another year around the corner. Here’s to YOU who have made our lives at work all the more enriching. Speaking on behalf of the team, we love working with you, and we love hearing from you. You are our eyes and ears, and if we didn't have the interaction with you, we'd be lost (thank goodness for technology!) We learn from you, we work for you, we strive to make more relevant products for you, and we salute you.


Be safe over the silly season, cherish your precious family moments, and remember to enjoy your own extraordinary lives without limit.

Happy holidays all, and see you in 2013!
lou | MBx

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