We're only human

Most of us have seen and heard the shocking train incident that happened in Melbourne, Australia last Wednesday.

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Something as gut wrenching as this will always cause outcry and heartache, with armed accusations such as "How could anyone be so careless?" and "I would never ever do that to my child". Let's just take a step back for a minute, because it's easy for us to say these things as fortunately, it will probably never happen to us. But the sad reality remains that though we are staunch, vigilant and true to our word in protecting our children, all it takes is a split second of lapse before one's life comes crashing down. It’s just too easy and quite simply, it's all too human.

We are able to look at an incident so horrifying, to stand back with our arms crossed and show our disdain for the parent or carer, but it took a mum on a parenting forum to put things back into perspective, "It was a loving grandmother, who was a bit out of practice". Enough said - it could happen to the best of us.

So let's all take a page from parenting 101, and remember to be more aware of our surroundings and use our buggies safely and wisely - thats why we design these little vehicles with a secure braking system and a wrist strap attached to the handlebar. Remind those who are looking after your child to be just as buggy smart. And bear in mind that we're all guilty of a bit of mind fog, so maybe this calls for a little confession time - hands up who has experienced this while out and about with your children? I know there are a few hands going up in the office now! (but if you're still adamant that this never happens to you then please, do share your secrets for a fog free brain to all us mere mortals!)
At the end of the day, we're just delighted that the 15 month old came out with only minor cuts and bruises and the family are together again. And, we're estatic that the Mountain Buggy involved in the incident remained true to its bullet proof heritage. We're not gloating, we're just proud that our buggy helped in protecting this child.
Our thoughts and well wishes extend to this Melbourne family - rest up and recover fast little one.

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