MB mini & swift storm cover

Custom fit storm, wind and rain cover for your MB mini or swift stroller.

USD39.99 In stock. 5-7 business days for delivery

In stock. 5-7 business days for delivery Low stock. 5-7 business days for delivery Stock coming.


stand out features of the MB mini travel system and swift storm cover:  

  • protects from wind, rain and snow
  • durable and hard wearing
  • water resistant
  • airflow for breathability
  • easy to access child with zip opening front
  • custom fit for your MB mini or swift stroller (2015)

what's in the box:

  • MB mini or swift storm cover
  • mountain buggy coloured reversible-liner_berry

    colored reversible liner

  • 3 styles available! blanket_v1_nautical_37_folded_1200x1200

    luxury collection blanket

  • mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection - UJ nautical satchel and clips

    parenting bags

    with changing mat & clips
  • 1200x1200_CC_plus_web_swift_blue_hero

    swift and MB mini carrycot plus

    lie flat and parent facing seat

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