terrain parts

Buy spare or replacement parts here for your terrain stroller before your next run to give you optimum performance

  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    maintenance kit

  • LAST CHANCE! terrain seat fabric-flint/marble

    terrain evolution seat fabric

    2013 to pre 2015 only
  • LAST CHANCE! MB1-TPtray121__

    terrain gear tray

  • Last chance! uj & terrain evolution bumper bar-black

    urban jungle & terrain evolution bumper bar


    12" front wheel


    terrain 12" rear wheel pack

  • 12 inch rear wheel for Mountain Buggy strollers 1200

    12" complete rear wheel

    sold individually
  • Inner tube set for Mountain buggy stroller wheels

    12" inner tube set

    sold as a set of 2
  • Mountain Buggy external tyre set for stroller wheels

    12" tire set

    sold as a set of 2
  • rear wheel inner tube-16 internal tube

    16" rear wheel inner tube

    for rear wheels
  • MB1-PTTYRE16__

    16" rear wheel tire

    for rear wheels
  • Quick release sleeve set for Mountain Buggy wheels

    quick release sleeve set

    sold as a pair
  • wheel bearing set

    wheel bearing set

    6x bearings
  • mountain buggy MB mini lightweight urban strollerclose up of handle adjustment joint

    handle adjustment joint

    sold individually
  • Last chance! MB1-P5WAY__

    harness buckle

  • MB1-PTRWheel16__

    16" terrain rear wheel

  • mountain buggy duet 2.5 compact double stroller frame lock set

    frame lock clip set