Active Mum Finds Freedom Pt. 3

Returning to Melbourne from New Zealand, it was back to having no family around and Mark often away for five days at a time for work. This meant essentially leaving Bruno and I to wing it solo. While gaining a huge appreciation for single parents out there, I also started to fully appreciate the freedom and ability to train that the terrain  gave me. Cue: ultra-marathon no longer at the back of our minds but eyes now lingering over the entry button. 


As Bruno hit three months we celebrated by hitting the entry button for an event in the States. An event that times perfectly with a trip we have planned driving down the west coast in an RV (how very American of us). In getting to this point the terrain  has provided me with the ultimate freedom as a new mum and enable us to keep our active-travelling lifestyle with Bruno in tow. Something a lot said would change once we had kids. As a breastfeeding Mum, I have had to nurture myself to steadily increase my base fitness and the kms covered. Often this meant splitting a long run with two runs on the same day. Today that mean 20kms for 'breakfast' with an additional 10kms for 'afternoon tea'. All done with the buggy and timed around Bruno's day sleeps. In saying that, there's been no training plan to follow as I never really know how I'm going to feel when I wake up. It's all been done by feel, which goes back to the motto I had through pregnancy: if it feels good, it's likely to be good for me; if it feels bad, it's likely to be bad for me. 


To this date, Bruno in his terrain would have clocked over 1,000kms in five, going on six, months. While the bulk of these kms have been on-road or light gravel the buggy provides a smooth ride that is very conducive to a sleeping baby (perhaps my favourite thing!). This is especially so with the lambswool liner  providing added warmth and comfort. With the Autumn mornings getting cooler we've rugged Bruno up in the Mountain Buggy sleeping bag . Just buckle him in and zip it up, no need to worry about adding blankets or them slipping off. 

With six weeks to go until the event it looks like we'll be on that start line (Mark and I that is, Bruno's sitting the event out). Something we didn't know would be possible six months ago. The general advice (or catalogue of doom as it sometimes feels) you get when you're having kids is that your lifestyle will drastically change. While we've had to make some adjustments we've been committed to continuing to do the things we love doing. So while I'm turning up to this event not as fit as I would be had I not had Bruno, I'm still turning up. I have Mountain Buggy to thank for this (or perhaps to blame...!!). 



In summary, here's the top 10 reasons why I love my Mountain Buggy terrain :

  1. Comfortable for bubs. If they aren't comfy, you aren't using it.
  2. Safe. A safety strap and a good foot brake are essential. The terrain comes with the added bonus of the handbrake too. 
  3. Loving the storm cover
    Aesthetically pleasing. Your buggy will go everywhere with you, make sure you like the look of it!
  4. Light. You'll be lifting, pushing and packing that buggy. The lighter the better.
  5. Easy. Easy to push, easy to pack-down, easy to transport. 
  6. Wheel lock. A solid lock is essential if you are planning on clocking some kms. The ability to turn it off means I can spin on a dime around those supermarket aisles too!
  7. Bottle holder. I'm drinking for two, that bottle holder comes in handy! The terrain comes with a dual holder but claim your side! Just like your partner steals the duvet at night, they'll steal your water too. 
  8. Gear storage. A good space down below to store that never-ending baby gear, supplies for long runs and for putting the shopping in. 
  9. Accessories. A solid rain shield and sun cover are essential. You know the drill, there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear. 
  10. Price. It's one of the bigger purchases you make but just like buying a car or a bike, I believe you get what you pay for. 

Katie x

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