Mountain Buggy terrain trains with an Olympian!

On January 14, 2012, I qualified for my third Olympic Team, becoming the oldest winner of the Olympic Marathon Trials at 37 years of age. While most Olympians peak in their early to mid-twenties, I am running my personal best times at above the age of 35. I am married and the father of three young girls ages 2, 4, and 6. How do I balance my competitive running with family? It takes a balancing act and support.

The Olympic marathon race will be held in London on August 12, 2012. We are about 10 weeks away, so the training is starting to pick up. My daily schedule consists of running twice a day, physical therapy, core exercises at the gym, icing, stretching and interviews. I consider this a 24-hour job. I'm not running all day, but I am doing all of the little things to allow my body to perform at its best.

My wife and daughters come out to practice daily and cheer me on as I train. I run anywhere between 100 to 130 miles a week. Having the support of my family while grinding out these miles is great.

My wife loves to run too and thanks to the Mountain Buggy terrain she can run while I do my warm up or cool down. This is a nice balance because with all the activities around our kids' schedules (soccer, school, and etc.) plus my schedule, it can get very busy at times. But through it all we manage our schedules so we can enjoy the journey together.

This Olympic race is dedicated to my wife and kids since they have not seen me compete in my last two Olympics. They get to be a part of the training and journey leading up to the race. This is a very special moment in their lives and mine.

Meb Keflezighi (the Olympic Marathoner for the US):

  • 2004 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist
  • 2009 ING NYC Marathon Champion
  • 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials Champion

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