Saying goodbye to an old friend

As a parent, there are some items in your babies journey you form a strong bond with.


5 month old Isabel in her Mountain Buggy terrain - 2000

The hat they wore home from the hospital, their first pair of shoes, that first lock of hair cut off and placed in your jewellery box. For me, one of the most precious items was my 2000 Mountain Buggy terrain - solid and sleek, it was my lifeline to getting out and about.

I was only 25 when my first baby was born. We were a young couple, just married and living on one income. I didn’t work through my pregnancy as it had been a difficult time, and I also didn't hold a drivers license, so my in-laws decided to treat us to the latest buggy on the market - an all new Mountain Buggy terrain, complete with fixed front wheel and wire basket!

This little trooper just kept going and going, until finally after three kids and many miles around Auckland and Wellington - the family set of wheels got hung up in the garage. It's embarrassing to say that over the last two years, the buggy had collected dust and cobwebs, and everytime I went into the garage I felt the buggy was looking at me saying, 'Hey... hey you - take me for a walk... I wanna get out!’. But this obvious neglect is a result of my working in a fabulous company that encourages me to take home, test and use every product we have designed and made (lucky me!).

Recently phil&teds brought back to life their 'Buggies For Good' programme. This initiative is all about receiving pre-loved buggies, sprucing them up and giving them back to the community where they’re needed most. We've been supporting such organisations such as Woman's Refuge, Wellington Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Refugee Relocation and House of Grace just to name a few. And over the last few months I’ve come to realise that I've been guilty of the very thing this programme is about - getting those dusty buggies out of garages and into loving homes!

So three weeks ago, my trusty terrain had her makeover! The great team at the Mountain Buggy / phil&teds service centre gave her some new bearings, a rear tyre, a couple of stitches on the sunhood, some oil and not to mention some much needed TLC. I can honestly say that I felt a bit tearful saying goodbye to my terrain - we've sure travelled some distances together, but I'm pleased to say that she will now be hitting the roads of Wellington again, having been donated to the House of Grace - a home for teenage mothers.

So my challenge to you is - get into your garage and dust off that buggy! Make them Buggies...for Good!

Alicia N.

If you have a buggy that you would like to donate, please contact [email protected]

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