Dump your resolutions

At Mountain Buggy, we live and breathe our brand philosophy 'life without limit', and this is further enhanced with the Mountain Buggy terrain™ being the official stroller of Baby Boot Camp, the premier USA stroller-fitness program. With both brands having such a strong desire to enhance and enrich the lives of families around the world to get active and live life without limit, it makes sense to kickstart the year with a post from the Baby Boot Camp founder and CEO Kristen Horler, to bring us into 2012 with a positive mind and positive goals!

By Kristen Horler

CEO & Founder of Baby Boot Camp

As a fitness professional, you may think I love New Year’s resolutions. I can’t stand them. I just don’t understand why I should wait until 1st January to decide to improve my life. If I’m ready to start a new exercise program, change my eating habits or spend more time with my family, I don’t want to put off making the necessary changes in my life.

Instead of resolutions, I prefer goals. I like to set myself up for success by creating a plan. I start with the end in mind.

As an example, I want to run a half marathon this year. I know I will need at least 12 weeks to train properly for the event, so I search for local events that are after April 1. Once I have identified an event, I implement S.M.A.R.T. to reach my goal:
Specific: I will run the Sarasota Half Marathon on Sunday, April 15, 2012;
Measureable: I am excited about the process of training with my friends, focusing on fueling my body, rest and recovery (i.e. massages!);
Attainable: I ran several 5K’s last year, and I continue to run 35-55 minutes one - two times a week in addition to cross-training four days a week. I feel that I have a reasonable running base to begin a training program;
Realistic: I can find the time to run two to three days each week as part of my training program and keep up with my cross-training, plus meet my personal and work obligations;
Time-Specific: I will complete a 12-week training program to properly prepare for the half marathon.

In addition to setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, I recommend the following tips to my clients:

  • Schedule it:
    On Sunday night, schedule your activity for the entire week.  Don’t just wait for it to happen, because it won’t.  Whether it’s a class on Monday or a walk on Tuesday, fill your week with 20-40 minutes of activity to exercise your body and clear your mind;
  • Do something:
    Avoid “all or nothing.” So you can’t make it to your favorite spin class on time.  Get on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  It’s better than nothing, and you’ll feel better for having done something;
  • Don’t think:
    Drink Water! Even though it may be cold outside, staying well-hydrated will help to combat dry winter skin, hunger pangs and over indulging; 
  • Just try it:
    Getting out of your normal routine presents the perfect opportunity to try something new. Learn how to play squash. Take a dance class. Hire a personal trainer for two sessions. Move your body and have fun!

Kristen Horler is CEO and founder of Baby Boot Camp (sponsored by Mountain Buggy terrain), offering prenatal and postpartum fitness and nutrition program for women. With over 12 years of professional fitness experience, Kristen is a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise and author of Baby Boot Camp: The New Mom’s 9-Minute Fitness Solution (Sterling 2010). 
For more information visit www.babybootcamp.com

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