Kristen Horler Baby Boot Camp CEO and Founder speaks on MOLO

What is MOLO?

By Kristen Horler, CEO & Founder of Baby Boot Camp

You may have heard some buzz about MOLO, but what is MOLO? Mother Love Fitness Challenge, also known as MOLO, is Baby Boot Camp’s annual fitness challenge. Moms across the United States compete against themselves and each other for exciting prizes, including Mountain Buggy strollers and the chance to be recognized as America’s fittest mom.

When I created MOLO in 2009, I had no idea it would grow to have the impact is does today. We have nearly 1000 MOLO participants this year and created a Facebook group just for our registered participants. We just finished week five of our 12-week fitness challenge, and here’s some feedback from of our moms:

“I love the different exercises we focus on each week.”

“I love the community environment! It feels like all the MOLO women from across the country are motivating and supporting each other.”

“The ability to push myself physically and mentally to know how strong I really am and to know that this pregnancy I have done everything to stay active and to become one hot, fit pregnant momma of soon to be 4!”

“I love the RESULTS!”

“I love how women around the US are communicating and supporting one another to be better healthier moms everyday. Its been so much fun!”

“Moms supporting's a beautiful thing!”

“I love the support of my instructors and fellow team members!!”

“I love that MOLO has given me a better awareness of my body and nutrition.”

The inspiration and motivation from fellow participants is amazing. I am so inspired by the commitment each mom has made to improve her own fitness and nutrition, while setting an incredible example for her family.

What inspires all of you as parents?

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Baby Boot Camp offers MOLO February, March and April each year. Learn more online at .

Kristen Horler is CEO and founder of Baby Boot Camp, offering prenatal and postpartum fitness and nutrition program for women. With more than 12 years of professional fitness experience, Kristen is a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise, 2012 IDEA Health & Fitness Program Director of the Year Finalist, and author of Baby Boot Camp: The New Mom’s 9-Minute Fitness Solution (Sterling 2010). For more information visit .

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