MOLO Motivation: 2013 and Beyond!

By Kristen Horler, CEO & Founder of Baby Boot Camp

Each year, Baby Boot Camp delivers a three-month fitness challenge across the United States. In 2013, we had close to 1000 participants from Seattle to Miami. For the first time, we asked MOLO participants to submit an essay about what MOLO meant to them in 2013. The responses we received were overwhelming, reinforcing why we do what we do and Baby Boot Camp.

One MOLO participant shared that she started a food journal, which helped her to realize that a 1200 calorie diet wasn’t enough for her to get the proper nutrition she needed to be healthy and have lasting energy for her workouts, her children and her husband.

Another MOLO participant stated that the length of the national challenge provided her with the opportunity to really make healthy living a new habit.  The support from our instructors and our clients is part of our culture and it shines through in this statement; “I am so thankful for the caring, knowledgeable and motivating instructors. You have created an environment where women can encourage each other—something our culture needs so much”.

“MOLO has been a life changing experience for my entire family”.

“I knew how to adore my children and love my husband, but I did not know how to love myself. MOLO has changed everything”.

“MOLO has been fantastic, and I am truly sorry to see it end”.

“In the first month of MOLO, my confidence increased and I was able to complete a push up”.

Our private MOLO facebook group helped to not only connect participants from around the country, but it also provided motivation and education. Christie Bruner, Baby Boot Camp’s Director of Fitness Programming, posted weekly exercise videos to provide guidance on the exercise of the week, as well as demonstrating how to make the exercise more challenging or decrease intensity for pregnant participants or moms who are new to exercise.

We are launching our 2013 Nutrition Solutions Challenge on June 1; our 4-week nutrition program to help you make small changes in your food choices that will have a lasting impact on your family’s health. Learn more online at .

Kristen Horler is CEO and founder of Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness, offering fitness and nutrition programs for women. With more than 15 years of professional fitness experience, Kristen is a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise, 2012 IDEA Health & Fitness Program Director of the Year Finalist, and author of Baby Boot Camp: The New Mom’s 9-Minute Fitness Solution (Sterling 2010). For more information visit .

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