Olympics fever!

Do you feel inspired and excited by the Olympics? Wow, I am! I’ve been glued to events I never even thought about before, like diving! Who’d have thought it's was such an incredible event?! I was blown away by the opening ceremony - it brought a positivity to people that was long overdue.

It doesn’t matter if your a fitness enthusiast or not, there is something about the Olympics that is different. Perhaps it's the fact that it is only on every four years, so there's the extra build up and anticipation.

As for those swimmers, they make it look so easy, but truth is... a race is just that... a race. These athletes spend their whole life every day, every hour of every day, spent working, training, thinking about their sport. And that in itself is incredible. Its dedication, focus and perseverance! I love it, I love the energy and the focus.

The amazing thing is, everyone has an ability to be great, it just takes something small to have a focus on. For you it might be a 5km race or getting back into a sport you played as a child (like hockey), anything at all!

For me, the Olympics brings up all the good things, the positive things, and the feelings of possibilities - nobody knows who’s going to win what. If watching the Olympics is energising for you, great! Sport is the most positive form of energy, it's about athletes stepping up to the mark. It's about you stepping up to the mark. Start slowly, building blocks. Have a goal, a desire, a dream. Dreams are obtainable and yours may be as simple as your first Triathlon?!!

Is there any specific sport that interests you? Well watch it then - turn on the TV and watch what these athletes are doing and how are they doing this? Are you saying... "It's not for me, I could never be that good", "I would never be able to do what they are doing", "I’m not as talented"... Use what you see as your motivation - get out there, get your running shoes on, put baby in Mountain Buggy and get moving! Start walking, increase your distance or speed, and get jogging mummies and daddies!

I ran a 10km race on the weekend, with my Mountain Buggy terrain - tough? Yes! Feeling of achievement - incredible! It was a hard slog and I was the only mum with buggy, the rest were runners. I ran the whole way, while my baby slept (thank goodness!!). The crowd pushed me to keep going and there were times when I felt like giving up... .but I didn’t.


You too can do it! Look at what races are in your area, give yourself a certain amount of time to train, and just do it! It's addictive, I promise you.

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askALANNAH uses Mountain Buggy terrain

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