How 30 minutes of exercise can change your child's life

This is the sad story of one girl's battle with obesity - an increasing trend in the developed world and something that every parent should be aware of.


At one point, Jessica was the fattest child in the world. At 7 years old she wolfed down a stunning 10,000 calories a day and weighed a massive 222kgs. Unable to even walk, she literally rolled around the house whilst the toll of this extra weight on her body resulted in deformed bones and other complications. 

How could a little girl get so big? Well her mother indulged her every whim, letting her drink gallons of Coca-cola, kilograms of chocolate, hamburgers, fries and anything else she wanted in a day. What happened if she didn’t give Jessica everything she wanted? A massive tantrum - surely something that every parent is used to!

Luckily social services enforced Jessica’s stay at a re-education centre where her eating was managed and her weigh dropped considerably. Nevertheless Jessica has had to endure major rehabilitation and surgery to try to repair some of the damage done through years of overeating. 

We know that this is an extreme case and thankfully very few children in the world are this big but the latest statistics show that 30% of children in developed countries like Western Europe, Australasia and the United States are classed as not just overweight but obese. A number that is steadily on the increase. As a parent, it is up to you to educate your children on how to live a healthy lifestyle. As well as a healthy, balanced diet your children need regular exercise too. This is easily achieved without having to force exercise on them.

Here are some great ways that your children can burn calories whilst having fun in just 30 minutes.

30 minutes of fitness

So if you want your children to live life without limit, just as you do, ensure they get 30 minutes of exercise every day!

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