terrain reviews

Sarah Christie

New Zealand long distance champion runner
“The terrain™ gives me everything I could want as a mum and as a runner. I love the shock absorbing suspension and hand brake, making comfort and safety first and foremost for Bridie.”

Sarah Ulmer

New Zealand Olympic Gold cyclist
“The terrain™ has already been given a hammering in the last couple of weeks – and it is FAB! That brake has actually saved both of our bacons on more than one occasion – between negotiating a sprog in one hand and (crazy) dog in the other, being able to regain some form of control on the descents is great... just genius!”

Elka Whelan

Australian dual Olympic swimmer
“My husband and I tried out the new MB terrain and loved the size of it. The way it glided over grass, hard surfaces , and the feel, was very sporty, sophisticated and chic!”

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