urban jungle reviews

So easy

I can't get over how well designed your buggies are. The design takes on the safety and comfort of the child but also considers the parents needs with the large storage space, easy fold down system and handle height adjustment. My husband who is 6 ft 4 even finds it easy to push.


I really needed a buggy that I could use everywhere and that’s exactly what I have with the urban jungle. We live in the city but spend most of our weekends at the beach or at my parents’ farm. There is no reason for us to have more than one buggy unless I forget to wash the mud off it when I meet my friends for coffee in the middle of the city!


Lisa, Colorado
I thought I would need two buggies – one for town and another for taking off road. Thankfully my friend suggested the urban jungle which goes anywhere and is about to see me through my third baby

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