Saving for your Dream Buggy

Although it might not seem like it at the time, there is one very big advantage to being pregnant for 40 weeks - there is plenty of time to shop for all those baby essentials. One thing that you're sure to need is a buggy but if you haven't already got savings in place for this purchase, it can be difficult to see how you will be able to afford your dream buggy - featuring everything you need to live life without limit.

how to save for the buggy of your dreams

But fear not, we're going to share with you some top saving tips to make the buggy of your dreams easily affordable before your baby is born.

1) Skip that trip to the cafe - if you happen to go to a cafe on your way to work for a coffee, it's likely that you've already changed to a decaf or even tea but this daily trip will still be costing you about NZ$4.50 a day. Times that by 5 days a week and over your pregnancy, you could have spent around NZ$900 at the cafe. Not to mention the money you've spent on cookies and cakes to accompany your drink. Either skip the cafe altogether or reduce the frequency you visit and you'll soon have enough for that cosmopolitan  buggy you want.

2) Take your own lunch - it may be convenient to buy yourself lunch everyday but with a sandwich costing around NZ$5 or a full meal in the region of NZ$15, this is an expensive habit. Instead for a fraction of the price you can make your own lunch at home and take it with you to work - potentially saving you up to $1000 in the third trimester alone! Not only will you be able to afford the buggy of your dreams but also a carrycot to go with it too.

3) Substitute the gym for the great outdoors - gentle exercise is an important part of a healthy pregnancy but that doesn't mean that you have to go to the gym. There are plenty of ways you can exercise for free in your local area. An average gym membership costs around NZ$20 a week - potentially allowing you to save NZ$800. That would allow you to buy a  MB mini and a whole heap of accessories to go with it. Plus you'll be all set to exercise with your buggy when your baby arrives.

4) Streamline baby purchases - it can be easy to get swept up in the world of furnishing the nursery and buying baby clothes but in reality most new mums say that they end up with far too many baby clothes and items that they thought were essential and never really needed. Before deciding on what to buy for baby, ask other mums what they really found useful when they had a baby and streamline your purchases accordingly. It's also worth putting these essentials on a baby shower or newborn wish list or gift registry so others buy you exactly what you need - leaving your money free to buy the buggy you really want.

5) Save on your grocery shopping - the average New Zealand household spend for two adults at the supermarket is NZ$225 per week however by shopping smarter, you'll be able to reduce this considerably. First of all, keep an eye out for specials at the supermarket. Different supermarkets have different specials every week and by going to two separate supermarkets instead of one, you can save money on your everyday essentials. Secondly, substitute some of your grocery items for the home brand. In many cases, you won't be able to taste the difference and can save yourself a few cents here and there which all mounts up over the 40 weeks of your pregnancy. Finally, find a local produce market where you will be able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables for less than in the supermarket - stick to seasonal produce and you'll be able to save yourself even more. By reducing the cost of your weekly grocery shopping by just 10% you'll be saving around NZ$900 whilst pregnant. Again more than enough for a terrain buggy.

You just need to do one of these things to save up enough for a wonderful buggy but if you did all five, imagine how much money you'd have to buy all the things you need for your much awaited arrival!

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