A sleep deprived FitMummy

I write this as a mother of a toddler, with sleep deprivation..... yet still having to continue on and do what needs to be done in the day regarding motherhood, work, and chores......

Tricky, yes! How does one cope on days when when you've had a night of unrest, your toddler has been awake every hour on the hour, coughing, and crying, as a mum, you stress and worry for them as you hate to see them unwell, you wake to their every whim, they re settle, and just as you think they are comfortable and relaxed, the next cough wakes them and its goes all over again....well I had one of those nights last night. It lasted a week!

Yet today, is a new day, a day of work, creche and normal daily chores, I deal with it simply, I get on with it. My Doctor said to me when my baby was a newborn, Alannah your life of sleep will never be the same again...no truer words said, for me its a struggle on occasions because everything that needs to be done is done by me, and me alone, the small things like the bins, to the big things like house repairs, responsibility lies with me, I have broad shoulders and am well able to cope, but there are days when you would like to turn to someone and say, what do you think, or would you mind helping me with such and such, or just a shoulder to cry on.

If you are one of these mums where sleep deprivation exists, all I can say to you is this.... try not to be a superwoman the next day, do what must be done, and try and get a 20 minute rest, all you need is to close your eyes for maximum 20 minutes, and the body will and can rejuvenate itself. I assure you. Nights are no longer slept through, so instead work with what you have, rest when your little one rests, even if that means they fall asleep in the car, when you arrive home, leave them there, push back your seat, and have a 20 minute cat nap! you will be surprised!

Remember, they are small for a short period of time, exercise is a must, even if its just a walk in the park, fresh air will benefit you and baby.....

Happy walking!

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