A woman in buggy love!

I am in love with a buggy! No kidding. I've appreciated buggies before, but never been one to actually have conversations about them. But now it has all changed. I have just had the Mountain Buggy mini for a month, and boy, what a buggy it is! It has compelled me to make strangers have a push so that they too can have a feel at how light and easy it is to push and what wonderful manoeuvrability it has.

It has all the good points of other buggies... and Mountain Buggy have brought all this together and created the MB mini!

What I love about MB mini;

  • Its size - the days of lugging an enormous, long buggy are over (thank god). This is small, smart but does not give up on comfort for the passenger, or supply room for carrying the essentials;
  • Weight - it's only under 8kg!
  • Manoeuvrability - going from a Bugaboo to an MB mini, I am thrilled with the ease of steering. You can steer with one hand with MB mini;
  • Three wheels - makes it feel stable and strong;
  • Baby can lie flat (in an instant) and the seat is easy to prop up from lie flat mode;
  • One hand to fold down - so easy, and you're able to do it with baby in your arms!
  • Shade cover is larger, protecting baby better;
  • Easy to use in public transport.

I'm completely and utterly sold with Mountain Buggy's mini. I cannot understand why anyone in a city would buy anything else!

Alice Domett Doyle, New Zealand

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